Resilience and the will to survive, that’s what’s sexy this week!

orange sexy face with red lips

Resilience and the will to survive, that’s what’s sexy this week!

Covid-19 has gripped the world in a state of panic riddled with anxiety and fear. Many are overwhelmed with thoughts of desperation and despair with no way out. Many are lost in thoughts of what to do, how to do it, and is it the right thing to do?

I’m no stranger, and very guilty of all of the afore mentioned trying to formulate my own way out. I’m equally lost, but still find myself antsy to move on, and find my direction. A direction to be honest I don’t know what is.

I think a lot, and get lost in those thoughts of doom and gloom, with no way out. I’ve read and listened to a lot of close friends caught up in the relative conspiracy theories. Friends I believe got, and are getting lost in many of the contradictory stories of who did what, why, and how, with that proverbial no way out. However none of these theories I’ve read allude to or even hint at a rational a solution. And why? They are conspiracies, theories that make you truly think, and for me, not get lost in them.

My attempts to shake up my friends from these thoughts, friends who are glamoured, I feel are lost. I ask them “but, what are you doing?” “how are you dealing with this?”. Questions that I believe are meant to focus on the positive. Yet, the response is always confusion and radical, confused solutions.

What to do?

I always find myself stepping back and taking a deep breath, a drink when permitting and direct my thoughts to those of something creative.

It’s never easy, and I know that, but here in this hot bed of talent I call home, Vancouver, so many of my friends have figured it out. The resilience and will to survive, even if that means thinking outside of their box to adapt and survive.

We aren’t all creative in the traditional sense, yes I know that, but creativity comes in many forms. It’s all how you interpret! Creative in art, life, love, happiness, business, finance, health and wellness, sex, sexuality, basically lifestyle.


Schnuck Didit Designs for Face, Body and Bath


Schnuck Didit Designs, for face, body and bath.

Another amazing product in my “hotbed” of talent from Vancouver, BC, the place I call home.

Mark and Andy of Schnuck Didit Designs are another of the underdogs that deserve a plate at the table and that I truly love! “Producing top quality, Canadian Made artisan soaps and grooming products”, this husband and husband team also make men’s underwear and bathing trunks, that not only look great, but fit like a glove for men of all shapes and sizes.

With the name Schnuck Didit, why wouldn’t I give it a try! A nickname I am told is for one of the guys, a name that aptly fits for their designs, did it, they did!


Luc Latulippe, Designer, Illustrator, Animator

01-23-19- Luc-Latulippe-Designer-Illustrator-Animator-water-colour-fetishes

Luc Latulippe, Designer, Illustrator, animator for the Wild and Wondrous side of this week’s Wacky Wednesday.

Ok, so how else was I going to get more of your attention if I didn’t make my feature image a little saucy? Luc Latulippe, artist extraordinaire, is another talented individual under the sheets of Vancouver’s hotbed of talent. In his words “starting out in animation 20 years ago,” he now also “works as a designer, illustrator and artist having contributed hundreds of illustrations to magazines, newspapers, and creative agencies across Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and parts of Europe.”

His work embodies humour for the modern adult using lines that are crisp and clean, with bold solid colours to produce eye catching results. Some would say quirky, others bizarre, but for all who appreciate his talent the end result is not only a new found appreciation, but a smile across a face.


Alexis G-String for the Wild and Wondrous Side of Wacky Wednesday


  Pasties (singular pasty or pastie) are patches that cover a person’s nipples and areolae which are affixed with adhesive. Though pasties are commonly associated with strippers, burlesque shows and erotic entertainment, they are also at times worn more casually as an undergarment and occasionally as beachwear

Let’s be honest, we all love them! Those little coverings that grace a beautiful breast, to entice, and captivate, while retaining a little “modesty’ for the wearer. Creations adorned with jewels artfully and intricately placed atop, lace, leather, or satin, the perfect accessory for any nipple.

wacky-wednesday-alexis-g-string-crown-jewel (more…)

Beach Ready Bodies at Anytime, That’s What’s Sexy This Week


The lead up to the summer each and every year is full of folks opting for the last minute fix to get that media manipulated ideal of the beach ready body. People falling into the brain washing of a quick solution, and buying that quick fix to get lean and muscled, god-like for what the mental conditioning has led them to believe. On the flipside there are those who never fall into that expertly crafted trap, those who are safe and secure in the knowledge they are happy with the body they currently have, or even care for that matter. A body that is not part of the “media manipulated ideal” and ready to hit the beach at any time. Bodies not controlled by the mainstream ideal, beach ready bodies at anytime, that’s what sexy this week.


Tidbits: Sex Toys and Trade Shows


Sex Toys at the trade show!

Yes I’m back to chat a bit about sex toys and trade shows, big surprise! Did you know that worldwide the sex toy industry brings in about 15 billion dollars? That’s a lot of dough, and I for one love kneading that green back! Sex toys are fun, and we know they come in a lot of shapes and sizes, colours and styles, battery operated, (more…)

PLUR|productions Presents: iCandy


ATTENTION COMMUNITY. We have new rules! PLEASE familiarize yourself with the event RULES at the bottom of this page (See Link) and be prepared to sign an acknowledgment of the same rules before you enter the club.

Your ticket Link:

If you like to volunteer for Cupids, Dungeon monitor and/or Play monitor: Volunteerplurvan@gmail com

PLUR|productions presents •iCandy• a PLUR Pub night pilot event.

iCandy is an entirely new event format for PLUR. To date PLUR has been about mixing an underground EDM club with a consent based dungeon and play space. It has been a hit and your feedback, event after event, has told us that we have struck a cord with YOU Vancouver. Thank you for all the Love. That said we also hear a lot of feedback asking for quieter music, more social spaces, ice breaking card games, maybe karaoke or even a live band. None of this works in a Nightclub environment. So ScottyHotty and I have been brainstorming ideas for months now on how to address. We played around with meet and greets the night before an event (still may one day), a PLUR munch, a Saturday afternoon/early evening social gathering and a Pub. Hold on, a PUB is exactly what our community is asking for. There, in the PLUR boardroom (AKA Scotty’s hot tub), iCandy was born. As with all PLUR events iCandy is a full on sex positive kinky play party designed for all. Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Swinger, Burner, BDSM, ABDL, Furies, Poly, Leather, Latex lovers and whatever YOU are into provided it is legal and consensual including nudity and sexual intercourse.

Like the idea of a kinky sex positive play party in a pub like atmosphere? Then help us make this pilot event another PLUR success story. We HIGHLY recommend those of you considering attending NOT wait till the last minute as we have found that we are selling out sooner than every before. AND seriously community, please do not message Scotty and I looking for tickets after they sell out as we really are sold out when we say we are.

iCandy theme this month: Strap-Ons. That is right, iCandy is not about sexy themes, it is about sexy activities as that is what PLUR is all about. Next month’s theme is Flogging followed by possibly Fisting.

At PLUR we do not believe in dress codes as only you know what makes you feel sexy. Plus this is a pub after all. From jeans and a t-shirt to being fully nude are all acceptable, although shoes are required at a minimum for safety.

What can you expect?

• Our now infamous ice breaking CUPIDS that help get you matched with others and participating at whatever level you desire! Cupids wear little pink/blue/sparkle wings ( on their backs and a blue LED lanyard with the words “Cupid” on it. Expect them to come and talk to you.

• To aid the Cupids, guests are encouraged to complete a play card that will help our Cupids match you to other guests.

• Expanded lounge areas to mingle with others and survey your opportunities to play.

• Pub music to be announced (we are entertaining a few options)

• Plenty of intimate play spaces for most types of playing from simply grinding to full sex if you so choose.

• Free onsite government STI clinic with results within minutes (please take advantage of this free service).

• Dungeon furniture and a hard point for the riggers (please contact Moon_Dancer

• Super chill / love making area with plenty of mattresses to enjoy a new friend or reacquaint yourself with others (PLEASE bring a blanket from home if you wish to use the beds. Access otherwise is not allowed for health reasons.)

• Personal gym sized locker for the evening free with admission (bring a change of clothes, blankets or kinky stuff and toys). We encourage you to share lockers with others so that everyone has access to one.

• Trained Dungeon Monitors to ensure everyone’s safety and boundaries are maintained. Dungeon Monitors are identifiable via a red sashes.

• New Play Monitors to over see sexual activities and ensure everyone is playing safe and cleaning up after themselves. They will report into and support the DMC (Moon_Dancer).

• Warm sensual lighting though out the environment.

• Full bar with Storm Brewing Craft Beer

• Online Tickets are $25, $30 at the door. If you do not have a ticket and we are at capacity (which we will be) please consider using our text back system. Simply, we will text you back when a spot for your party has opened up. You will have 20 mins to arrive to claim.

• Sectioned off aftercare area for bottom and top to enjoy after a scene.

For those attendees looking only to LEARN, we will arrange for them to go and observe a scene in their area of interest, ideally with a TOP who is willing to talk about or explain what they are doing and why. Think of it as an interactive workshop where questions can be asked of both the top and bottom, before and after the scene.

New to sex positive play parties? No problem our cupids and organizers are on hand to assist in negotiations, particularly for people who are newer or less experienced in Safe, Sane & Consensual negotiations. There is NO pressure or obligation to participate in any way.

Consent is ABSOLUTELY required between all participants in any play and just because a Cupid makes an introduction, it does not require either participant to play with that person. No obligations. People are also encouraged to make their own introductions as they see fit; that’s why you will be wearing your play card after all!

RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests.

IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Sharing is caring.

We look forward to an evening filled with sex positive fun and of course all the great strap-ons!

MARKUS|edge and Scotty Breitkreuz




PLUR | Productions (West Coast) Group Link:


Sex Work In New Zealand

community talks

September 17: FIRST Keynote Forum. Sex Work in New Zealand: “Eleven Years of Decriminalisation: the Sky is Still Blue.”

For immediate release September 10, 2014

September 17: FIRST Keynote Forum Sex Work in New Zealand:

“Eleven Years of Decriminalisation: the Sky is Still Blue.”

VANCOUVER: Following right on the heels of the Special Senate Committee hearings into Bill C-36 this week in Ottawa (the anti-prostitution bill), advocacy groups for sex workers will host a keynote forum on September 17 in Vancouver, with a special keynote speaker from New Zealand: Catherine Healy of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective.

Ms. Healy will describe how New Zealand has been successfully fostering a safer working environment for sex workers for 11 years, without increases in trafficking, underage workers, or overall number of sex workers. The country was the first to decriminalize sex work in 2003 with its historic passage of the Prostitution Reform Act.

“In Canada, the Conservative government’s proposed prostitution law, Bill C-36 is strongly opposed by sex worker groups and active sex workers, because they know it will replicate the same kinds of harms as under the previous laws struck down by the Supreme Court last December,” said Joyce Arthur, founding member of FIRST Decriminalize Sex Work (a national feminist sex worker advocacy organization based in Vancouver that lobbies for the decriminalization of prostitution in Canada).

“The experience of New Zealand that Catherine will speak about should send a strong message to Ottawa that there is a proven, better way to protect both communities and sex workers from harm,” said Arthur. “Bill C-36 criminalizes consensual adult sex on moral and ideological grounds, which only serves to put people at risk, isolate them from health and social services, and violate their constitutional rights.”

Media are cordially invited to attend.

Catherine Healy will also be available for media interviews during daytime hours on Tues Sept 16 and Wed Sept 17
(Please contact Katrina Caudle to arrange – see page 2 for Contacts.)

Keynote Forum Details:

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 7 to 9 pm
Location: Rickshaw Theatre, 254 East Hastings St., Vancouver
Moderator: Kerry Porth, PIVOT Legal Society (and Senate Committee witness against Bill C-36.

Opening Performance by The Unstoppable Conni Smudge.

Introduction by Joyce Arthur, FIRST Decriminalize Sex Work: “Government in our bedrooms: The parallels between prostitution laws and abortion laws.” (Joyce is a founding member of FIRST. She is also founder and Executive Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, a national pro-choice group.)

Keynote Speaker: Catherine Healy, New Zealand Prostitutes Collective. Ms. Healy will be speaking on how New Zealand law recognises sex work as a legitimate form of work. Her talk is entitled: “Eleven Years of Decriminalisation: the Sky is Still Blue.”

Catherine Healy is a founding member and now the National Coordinator of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective ( She is also a former member of the government appointed Prostitution Law Review Committee, and co- editor of “Taking The Crime out of Sex Work“. Catherine has played a key role in the design and implementation of the laws that decriminalised sex work in New Zealand in 2003, and is a former sex worker herself.

Q&A with the audience to follow Catherine Healy’s presentation.
The forum is sponsored by FIRST Decriminalize Sex Work, BC Civil Liberties Association, PACE

Society, and Spaces (A Sex Industry Study, UBC).
Contact: 604-349-4495
Katrina Caudle, Organizer,

604-351-0867 • Joyce Arthur, FIRST,


NOIR Fetish Ball BACK TO SCHOOL Party Sunday, Aug. 31

noir back to school

BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s the return of the first theme party NOIR ever did, our tremendously successful BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY!

This is the one we took the flack over – the one where our usual STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE was modified to encompass ALL School related outfits for one night only.

That Sue Sylvester tracksuit? Yeah, this party that’s fetish.

That suit with a School Master’s cape? Yeah, this party that’s fetish.

That ultra slinky school girl outfit or that wrestling uni-tard? Well, actually they’re ALWAYS FETISH, but you get our point!

At NOIR we come from the kink scene, and we know that when doing a theme that so many people have incredible ties to—education & corporal punishment fetishes, age play, and the like—that it’s important NOT to denigrate those by insisting that people “sex it up” when we’re dedicating a night to THEIR KINK.

For THIS PARTY that line in our dress code that reads “unless part of an acceptable ensemble outfit” is going to apply to some things it wouldn’t at other NOIR parties.

So while you can expect to see A LOT of very STRICT Fetish Outfits, this is the party where you can dress your friend who has been shy about coming out appropriately for the education theme and introduce them to the Club Night more and more kinksters and the just-truly-adventurous are calling THEIR FAVOURITE NIGHT OUT!

Of course come our September 20th NOIR Fetish Ball & Fetish Swap Meet we’ll be back to our STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE STRICTLY ENFORCED!


The Chapel: Logik & kAINE
The Rectory: dj://spaz & TBA

featuring equipment from Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment

SUSPENSION FRAME IN BAR ROOM! + 2 points in Dungeon



Let the games begin


STRICT Fetish Dress Code STRICTLY Enforced
Special Dispensation from the Head Master given for EDUCATION themed outfits for this ONE party!


You MUST RSVP in order to attend – this is due to the venue’s liquor licensing.
Click “GOING” or “MAYBE” here on Facebook or on our Fetlife event listing
OR email with “RSVP August 31” as the subject and the name (pseudonyms are fine) of all attendees in the body.

Note: You need to select only ONE of the above methods to RSVP.




If you need to know more about NOIR Fetish Ball before attending then be sure to poke about our website, including reading details of our Strict Fetish Dress Code, Dungeon Rules, and of course for outfit ideas you can visit our Gallery page to see pictures from past events.

Dr Sketchy’s- Steamy Punk Circus

dr sketchy life drawing

Ann Narky joins us at the next session so bring your mechanical pencils and your analytically engines and we’ll sketch like it’s 1899!

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is what happens when a simple question is asked- why can’t figure drawing be sexy? Part art class, part cabaret, join us for 3 hours of drinking, drawing and decadence!

Tickets $12
Buy online or pick up at The Wallflower Diner