Luc Latulippe, Designer, Illustrator, Animator

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Luc Latulippe, Designer, Illustrator, animator for the Wild and Wondrous side of this week’s Wacky Wednesday.

Ok, so how else was I going to get more of your attention if I didn’t make my feature image a little saucy? Luc Latulippe, artist extraordinaire, is another talented individual under the sheets of Vancouver’s hotbed of talent. In his words “starting out in animation 20 years ago,” he now also “works as a designer, illustrator and artist having contributed hundreds of illustrations to magazines, newspapers, and creative agencies across Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and parts of Europe.”

His work embodies humour for the modern adult using lines that are crisp and clean, with bold solid colours to produce eye catching results. Some would say quirky, others bizarre, but for all who appreciate his talent the end result is not only a new found appreciation, but a smile across a face.

To the untrained eye his images would appear simple, however they are anything but. Detailed, well thought out renderings. Illustrations that seem to draw on toys from a distant childhood; wind-up robots, ray-guns, Ker Plunk, even the memorable Rock-em Sock-em Robots with their bold colours and blocky design.

Comic like, another stye reminiscent of cartoons like Rocky and Bullwinkle, Natasha and Boris, even Mr Peabody & Sherman, a cartoon that ran from 1959-62. Most recently Luc worked on a reboot of the classic cartoon for Netflix, with the 4th and last season that began April 21st for it’s final run.

01-23-19- Luc-Latulippe-Designer-Illustrator-Animator-leather-daddy-t_shirt

Under those sheets this man likes a bit of naughty fun; within another style you can catch his dancing leather men, aptly named “dancing queen” up for grabs on his Porkpie Brand website where he markets more of his own designs for the fashionably addicted. Even I’m a victim of the addiction with my own Leather Daddy tank I used to proudly wear to the gym, unaware of the the one eyed trouser snake making it’s appearance off to the side of those leather chaps. It didn’t stop me wearing it to the gym, but with wear and tear, it became my fave nightgown that oversized tank.

There’s Space Girl, Hula Girl, Lol Kaiju, and Popper Pete.

His Gay Hankies reminding me of old ads for Amsterdam peep shows.

01-23-19- Luc-Latulippe-Designer-Illustrator-Animator-space-girl

His sassy art prints; big hairy chested men on the make are sexy fun.

I could go on, but if you’ve read my reviews before, you know I try to keep them short and sweet and let you decide.




Luc Latulippe, drawing for a living.


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