Tidbits: Sex Toys and Trade Shows


Sex Toys at the trade show!

Yes I’m back to chat a bit about sex toys and trade shows, big surprise! Did you know that worldwide the sex toy industry brings in about 15 billion dollars? That’s a lot of dough, and I for one love kneading that green back! Sex toys are fun, and we know they come in a lot of shapes and sizes, colours and styles, battery operated,

rechargeable, and made up of a multitude of substances. Some body safe and a good portion of them, meh, not so much! All you need to do is skip on over to Dangerous Lilly my favourite Sex Geek, she’ll tell you like it is on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the sex toy industry, and with no holds barred!

Personally I’ve lost track of how many toys have passed my own hands to be either added to my own collection or quickly discarded for whatever reason, usually because it is an overall shit toy, not even a child would design with their favourite Lego set!

With the amount of products out there it’s easy to see how the general public can easily be duped into thinking they are buying the next latest, and greatest toy to eagerly shove most happily in their orifice of choice. Most are convinced into doing so by a sales person that really doesn’t give a damn, except to hear the sounds of a cash register ding merrily away. Now don’t kid yourself, if it wasn’t for the manufacturers these sleazy greasy sales balls wouldn’t be in business, most only have the vision of dollars and cents in their eyes and they know it. However they are most certainly not all like that!

I work at at the Taboo Sex Show here in Vancouver and have done a few others for the smaller circuit and trust me, for I have seen my fair share of shit stuff that leaves you scratching your head in disbelief. Stuff that for the astute, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to figure out it’s actually crap!little sisters

Just because it says “sex toy” doesn’t mean it’s a sex toy, chances are it’s probably best at the bottom of the round filing cabinet or better yet recycling depot! A place I’d love to be a fly on the wall for just few shits and giggles to see the looks on the faces of those that work there.

At any rate before you get overwhelmed attending one of these shows eager to get down when you get home with your latest purchase, here is a few words of advice from me and you can take them for what they are worth.

1) Know why you are going, and have your questions ready. A few might be;
What are you looking for? What do you want it to do? Battery operated or rechargeable? Big, small? For solo play, or with a partner or two? Anal, vaginal, any other part of the body? What’s it made of? Is it safe? Is it compatible with……..

2) Take a walk around the show first, and glance from a distance, remembering what grabs your interest. Don’t be swayed by the first person that waves you over. Then, go back and have a look and ask your questions once you’ve made the rounds.

3) Don’t be nervous and shy, you won’t be the only one. Keep in mind you will see things that are sexually suggestive, to out right in your face. Don’t be a prude that leads to being rude. Its not nice!

4) Take brochures, ask questions, try samples and demonstrators. They are there for you to test, and check out. Be gentle when you grip them, you are not driving a stick shift, they’re going to be used in soft, delicate, and highly sensitive areas. Test them on the tip of your nose or web of the skin in between your thumb and fore finger. Or where you think you may be sensitive, and gently.

5) Ask for tissues or handi-wipes to clean up the lotions, potions, or lube samples. Better yet carry your own if in doubt.

6) If anyone tells you it is the best toy on the planet winning awards, be wary, and go with your gut instinct after having asked yourself all, and every possible question you can think of. You’ll hear and see signs advertising it’s “the best” all over the place for a multitude of items.

little sisters june27 7) Be true to yourself, and if a sales person seems slimy or greasy……it’s because they ARE!

8) Be realistic, be sexy, have fun, and stick within your budget!

These are just a few things, but I think you get the idea of what I am trying to convey here.

So if you’re here in Vancouver from February 22-25, come see me at the Sweet Adult, Little Sisters booth and say hi. Maybe I can help you out!