Beach Ready Bodies at Anytime, That’s What’s Sexy This Week


The lead up to the summer each and every year is full of folks opting for the last minute fix to get that media manipulated ideal of the beach ready body. People falling into the brain washing of a quick solution, and buying that quick fix to get lean and muscled, god-like for what the mental conditioning has led them to believe. On the flipside there are those who never fall into that expertly crafted trap, those who are safe and secure in the knowledge they are happy with the body they currently have, or even care for that matter. A body that is not part of the “media manipulated ideal” and ready to hit the beach at any time. Bodies not controlled by the mainstream ideal, beach ready bodies at anytime, that’s what sexy this week.


For those that don’t know, I’m not a fan of sun tanning, but I know how to enjoy it when I want to, and with the summer of 2017 nearly at its end, I can tell you it was a summer of enjoyment. Folks frolicking on the beaches, in the water, people out to have a great time under the sun, fully confident of who they are and what they look like. Bodies of many different shapes and sizes running to and fro, faces smiling and voices laughing having a great time! What’s not to love about being a part of that?

For many people it’s easy to be swayed by what is presented as the ideal beach ready bodies, and it’s hard not to be exposed to it. Exposure that’s especially hard to avoid when your bombarded with12 year olds on magazine covers, force-feeding the masses that ideal. Covers of women’s magazines displaying full nudity, brow beating the reader for not looking the same, and men’s magazines are no different. We know these of course, aren’t the only places we see it and I could go on, but I won’t.

Sexy-this-week-beach-ready-bodies-3Be confident and secure with who you are, because that’s what this is really about! If you are a gym bunny, then so be it, if you are not, don’t worry, and don’t get caught up in the image machine because someone’s beating it into you! We already have beach ready bodies, just be who you want to be and get out and have a great time at the beach! You’ll love it, as I wrote in my Sexy This Week; Hot Summers at The Beach you’ll get the idea of what it’s all about.

Who knows, you may just see me there under my umbrella, big-assed beach hat, with sun screen and drinks lapping and laughing it up!