Sexy This Week; Hot Summers At The Beach


Living in Vancouver affords a few luxuries some would take for granted within the geography that surrounds us here. Vancouver is beautifully nestled amid the mountains, and opens majestically on to the beautiful waters of the Burrard Inlet where welcome breezes gently blow in off the chilled waters to cool overheated bodies. Bodies that eagerly made their way to the shoreline to lay out on the sand amongst other like minded individuals who sprawl atop colourful towels of all shapes and sizes. Hot summers at the beach, that’s what sexy this week!

For those with the leisure time to go to the beach, it is a welcome activity that is open to all who make the trek outdoors. Prepped with all the accoutrements to make the journey, it becomes clear while in transit who else is flocking to the warm fine sand that covers the beach up to the water’s edge. A summer migration that happens daily of people and pets winding their way through the streets of the city, on foot, bike, bus, or car, a migration of positive energy that needs to be shared with the pleasure seekers of the sun, sand, and water.

Whether you are headed to Vancouver’s clothing optional beach at Wreck, just west of UBC,  the beaches of Kitsilano, beaches that cocoon Stanley Park, or the sprawl of the North Shore’s water’s edge, the reasons are all the same.

To lie on the sand and dig your toes into the warm sand and burrow deep to feel the cool damp sand buried beneath. To massage lotion onto and into your warming skin under the rising sun as a gentle breeze, laden with the scents of the water and beach caress and tease your nose and skin. To people watch, talk, read, sleep, picnic with your loved ones and enjoy the heat of the day.

The temperature that rises with each minute you are there, and not always from the warmth of the sun, but the blood that courses through your veins as you become intrigued and turned on by who you see laying on the towel a short distance away. The activities on the towel behind you, the frolic in the water ahead, the passersby, temperatures rising from the warmth of feeling connected while a part of a very social environment. Digging those toes deeper and deeper, getting hotter and hotter, as sweat begins to bead across warm tanned skin.

Feel the shock and exhilaration of running to the water’s edge and jumping in, only to come out and do it all over again!