PLUR|productions presents: Phantom of the Night


This PLUR|productions event is inspired by the tragic tale that is The Phantom of the Opera. For us it’s a night of Fetish, Kinky, Sex positive delight and inspiration, making it a perfect play party theme.


Event Description:

What to wear to Phantom of the Night:

Gentlemen of the Night: The primary criteria is a mask.
A number of online retailers sell masks that range from
elaborate and feathered to simple and basic, including
ones based on the classic Phantom of the Opera mask.
Typically men will wear dark suits or tuxedos so dust
off that suit! Otherwise let your imagination run freely.
The general rule for most masquerade events is that
guests must wear their masks until MIDNIGHT as that is

Ladies of the night: Women can wear opera-style ball
gowns in true opera form if they wish. Any type of
elaborate dress will be perfect! You would be amazed
what can be found in second hand store alike. Again
like the men just asking you to put some effort. Women
can also opt for an elaborate updo hair style. Just let
your creative juices flow!

•Of course we do not turn anyone away for dress code
but it is encouraged. It just adds more fun and
excitement to the evening.

This is a full on sex positive kinky play party
designed for all. Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Trans, Queer, Swinger, Burner, BDSM, ABDL, Furies,
Leather, Latex lovers and whatever YOU are into
provided it is legal and consensual including full sex.

EventBrite Ticket link: These will be release by Friday alone with discount pass.

What can you expect?

• Our ice breaking CUPIDS of course!
• Great lounge areas to mingle with others with red velvet drapes, floral and of course red roses.
• Plenty of intimate play spaces for playing and well…having sex if you so choose.
• Onsite government STI clinic (please take advantage of this free service).
• Dungeon furniture including a Cage, Multiple Spank Benches, Fucking Machine, Saint Andrews Crosses, Swings, Pummel Horses, and mattresses for all types of fun play.
• Rope rides by Vertigo (negotiate a scene early as these guys get busy).
• Trained PLUR Dungeon Monitors to ensure everyone’s safety. and boundaries are maintained.
• Warm sensual lighting.
• Full bar with Storm Brewing craft beer
• Personal gym locker for the evening free with admission (bring a change of clothes or kinky stuff and toys). We encourage you to share lockers with your partner so that everyone may have one.
• Quiet aftercare / super chill / love making area with plenty of mattresses wrapped in red velvet.
• Text back list for those without a ticket will be in full effect at the door.
• DJ Dungeon set by yours truly Markus|edge and guests

PLEASE familiarize yourself with the event RULES at the bottom of this page.

For those attendees looking only to LEARN, we will arrange for them to go and observe a scene in their area of interest, ideally with a TOP who is willing to talk about or explain what they are doing and why. Think of it as an interactive workshop where questions can be asked of both the top and bottom, before and after the scene. Not during play please. as that would be interrupting.

New to sex positive play parties? No problem our cupids and organizers are on hand to assist in negotiations, particularly for people who are newer or less experienced in Safe, Sane & Consensual negotiations.

Consent is ABSOLUTELY required between all participants in any play and just because an introduction is made does not require either participant to play with that person. No obligations. People are also encouraged to make their own introductions as they see fit; that’s why you will be wearing your play card after all!

RACK will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests.

IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play.

Sharing is caring.

We look forward to an evening filled with dirty debauchery!

MARKUS|edge and ScottyHotty

PLUR | Productions (West Coast) Group Link:

PLUR Productions – West Coast Page Link:


People before profit, Community before corporation.

***While full nudity is allowed, you also must also bring a pair of shoes. No exceptions. This is for your safety and so that we fully comply with the law.


Event Rules:

By entering this event at 8×6 at 1775 Haro Street Vancouver BC, you represent and warrant the following

Terms & Conditions:

1. You are aware and understand the sexual nature of the club and will not be offended in any way by the activates that other members maybe engaging in.

2. You will abide by the rules of the club at all times, which include:

– NO means NO. Members shall at all times conduct themselves according to commonly accepted etiquette and posted 8×6/PLUR rules.

– Personal belongings may be kept in lockers. While 8×6 will endeavor to protect your belongings, we are not responsible for contents left in lockers.

– Strictly no cameras or recording devices, including cell phones, will not be allowed at the club.

– No outside alcohol or food may be brought into the club.

– Staying safe and always using a condom/barrier when there is sexual contact of any manner.

– No solicitation of any kind allowed on the property.

– Shoes must be worn at all times, unless a scene does not permit (e.g. rope suspension).

– Rowdy drunkenness, or any other activity that could tarnish the reputation of the club, will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave and/or revoke membership of any person who becomes obnoxious or unruly.

– Refraining from engaging in ‘pushy’ behaviour.

– No illegal drugs or activities of any kind will be tolerated on these premises. Anyone in possession of illegal drugs will be banned from club and the police will be informed of your actions.

– Understanding that it is necessary to respect the club formalities, as well as the rules of respect and good behaviour, of courtesy, personal hygiene, of tidiness, of safety, of dress code and of the club management, on pain of refusal, sanction or expulsion at the absolute discretion of the club management.

– No edge play- Link:

3. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation, as is the right of a legitimate Private Club.

4. Attendees will be required to provide government issued identification upon entry.

5. We do not accept responsibility and/ or liability for accidents, injury and/ or loss suffered while entering our club. By entering this property you agree that you are doing so at your own risk. You hereby waive any and all claims whatsoever that you may have or hereafter have against the owners, organizers, its directors, officers, agents, promoters, and employees and release and forever discharge the owners and organizers from all claims, demands, damages, actions or cause of actions arising or to arise by reason of the use of this property and your attendance at this event. You agree that this waiver and release shall extend to the owners and organizers, its successors and assigns and is binding upon me and my heirs, executors, legal representatives, successors and assigns any other persons I have brought with me.

Finally, PLUR does NOT have VIP access. The only way to get in, is either via a ticket, or by volunteering/contributing. We are looking for outgoing people to be cupids and dungeon monitors.
PM MARKUS|edge for more details.


soul sex


Early Bird until AUG 17, $40 per person. 
After AUG 17, $50 per person.


Note of love + generosity: No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact me directly with your financial truth + to be considered for a partial or full gift registration:


Someone once said, how you show up in bed is how you show up in your life. What if you could make small changes to your sex life and have the results affect your life as a whole?


First of all, it’s probably not what you think. It’s not about having some pie-in-the-sky spiritual experience. It’s about being embodied + fully alive from the bottom up. (Pun intended!)

Soul Sex is about bringing mindfulness into every aspect of our daily lives; about living a life that’s in alignment with what we really want, a life that’s connected to our body. Grounded, real + in the present moment. And fully embodied as a sexual being.

AND, did you know you have an organic sexual response? How do you interact with sexual energy in a healthy + generative way? How do you express your sexuality consciously?

INTRO TO SOUL SEX is about learning to skillfully recognize + navigate how you respond to sexual energy. You’ll gain deep insight into the three ways you respond, akin to the primal defense responses of fight, flight or freeze. You’ll learn to identify how you show up + how your partner shows up in intimate discussion + interaction. And you’ll learn the precise antidote for restoring flow to yourself + within your relationship.

Soul Sex is about cultivating conscious relationship + intimacy at the speed of connection and in the fertile soil of trust. All while holding yourself + your partner within the context of curiosity, compassion + playfulness.

At INTRO TO SOUL SEX you’ll learn to incorporate these guiding principles in all areas of your life. Ultimately, you’ll:

> LEARN to skillfully and competently manage your sexual beingness and energy.

> IMPROVE how you communicate and engage, increase your capacity for sensation.

> TRANSFORM how you show up in the bedroom + in the world for the better.

And it starts with your sexuality as the doorway to creating sustainable changes and thriving your life.

At INTRO TO SOUL SEX, through simple instruction, lively discussion and PG-rated interaction you will drop into your body, challenge your mind, and live just a little farther outside your box than usual.

This workshop is CO-ED and LGBTQI-friendly. OPEN to singles and partners. This is advanced human development training; there is NO nudity, sexual demonstration or activity at this event.

Come spend 3 hours gently pushing your edges with other fun, adventurous people in a beautiful, safe, judgment-free space.



“Revolutionary and paradigm shifting! Jenny has a gift of both directly and gently inviting people to look at their assumptions and understanding of sex. She offers a refreshing micro (individual) and macro (societal) perspective on owning our sex in a way that’s nourishing.”
~Kelly L., Boulder, CO

“This was a self-healing, eye-opening experience in a big way. Some very powerful stuff was ignited for me tonight.”
~Patricia K., Victoria, BC, Canada

“Jenny’s workshop gave me the courage to desire really owning my sensuality and creativity, my unique flavour of who I am and what I feel. I feel that with Jenny my fear and my pain are as valid, honoured and acknowledged as my power and my sex.”
~Maartje G., Victoria, BC, Canada


JENNY FERRY is an emerging leader in the field of conscious sexuality and author of the forthcoming book, Soul Sex: A Mindful Guide to Creating Radical Intimacy. A visionary and dynamic teacher, Jenny is based out of Los Angeles, California and leads workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus works with private clients across the globe. She is highly regarded for her down-to-earth, compassionate training, speaking and leadership. Learn more about Jenny here:

“After deeply connected + successful visits of sell-out workshops from LA to Vancouver in early 2013, I am excited to return to Vancouver and meet people who are vitally interested in raising awareness, engaging in honest + respectful discourse + approaching their sexuality with consciousness.” 

NOIR Fetish Ball Saturday, August 16th


Come join us as we LAY THE CHAPEL TO REST for a little while! It’s official, the building permits have come through, and we’ll be bidding Chapel Arts Goodbye until October following this party.

Bring some new friends to NOIR Fetish Ball to experience the night where kinksters DRESS THE PART and PLAY THE PART, and we do it one last time in this current incarnation of The Chapel before it’s second coming in time for our NOIR 4th Anniversary later this year!


The Chapel: Logik & kAINE
The Rectory: dj://spaz & BToxic

featuring equipment from Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment

SUSPENSION FRAME IN BAR ROOM! + 2 points in Dungeon



Let the games begin




You MUST RSVP in order to attend – this is due to the venue’s liquor licensing.
Click “GOING” or “MAYBE” here on Fetlife or on our Facebook event listing
OR email with “RSVP August 16” as the subject and the name (pseudonyms are fine) of all attendees in the body.

Note: You need to select only ONE of the above methods to RSVP.




If you need to know more about NOIR Fetish Ball before attending then be sure to poke about our website, including reading details of our Strict Fetish Dress Code, Dungeon Rules, and of course for outfit ideas you can visit our Gallery page to see pictures from past events.


”Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris is a woman, and NEW YORK a well-adjusted transsexual.” Angela Carter

Adam Dreaddy presents: NEW YORK

This is your NEW YORK nights at BROOKLYN Nightclub.

Nestled in the heart of historic Gastown, relish the days of old and lose yourself in a vortex of glamour, class, and sophistication. Promenade the vintage cobblestone streets, past the famous steam clock and enter into a premium lifestyle experience that is second to none.
BROOKLYN is a 3 story, 2 venue, multifaceted social club that will be your monthly playground captivating your NEW YORK state of mind.


Hosted by:
BERLIN – Vancouver’s own social wonder, who leaves a mark everywhere he goes. “Confidence is key – if you don’t have it, then step aside.”

Performance by:
Marcello Ranieri & Jory Pierce – A New York style street dance performance.

Special Guest Bartender:
Alex Brennan, your favourite bartender from 1181, takes the main bar on opening night.


Karsten Sollors warms us up. He plays a sexy mix of deep house and tech house. Travelled all over the globe, he has crafted an international vibe that is guaranteed to please.

Introducing DJ/Producer, Jamie Mucky (Van Goulden). Sharing the decks with DJ Adam Dreaddy, Van Goulden makes his way from Manchester United Kingdom. He delivers a dose of up-tempo energy, direct to the jugular of any wanting dance floor. Showcasing his own unique style of up-front electronic music. This man is talented!!


$8 pre-sale tickets located at Stratosphere Hair Salon,
$12 tickets at the door night of.


“Make your mark in NEW YORK and you are a made man.” Mark Twain


NEW YORK launching AUG 15th


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

rocky horror-cobalt

The Cobalt present: The Rocky Horror Picture show, numbers from the historic musical performed by:

Isolde N. Barron • Shanda Leer • Anna Propriate • Raziel Reid • Junita Werk • Vanity Feral • Valynne Vile • Daniel Pitout

with special guest DJ

Cover $10 ($8 if wearing a costume)

Podcasts: RawSex Interview; #17 Velvet Steele: Vancouver’s Transsexual Fetish Lady

raw sex

Another amazing interview with the folks at RawSex!




AUG. 8, 2014







fortune sound pride closing party

*1st tier tickets $15, 2nd $20, 3rd $25 available at Little Sisters, Zulu, Red Cat, Highlife and online

Sunday August 3rd Blow Pony! PDX & Fortune Sound present…


plus guests




2nd Room with ▼BRAIN CANDY SHOP▼

hosted by:

▼PRINCESS SUPERSTAR▼: From a career spanning 15 years, Princess has recorded 6 astonishing albums & has had numerous collaborations with amazing musicians and producers of such musical variety that few can rival. To name a few: Kool Keith, Prince Paul of De La Soul, Chilly Gonzales, The Prodigy (she was featured on their album which went to #1 in the UK,) the legendary Arthur Baker (who made the groundbreaking “Planet Rock” with Afrika Baambata and “Blue Monday” with New Order,) Stuart Price, Armand Van Helden, Moby, and more. Her dance smash with Larry Tee “Licky” was featured in 2 #1 movies in 2011-the Judd Apatow film “Get him to the Greek” with Puffy and Russell Brand and “Hall Pass” She was featured rhyming on Grandmaster Flash’s latest album which also featured Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and other hip hop legends.

Landing 2013: Welcome to The New Evolution, Princess Superstar’s sixth album and her triumphant best. Funded by the fans themselves via a successful campaign with Pledge music, the album is fueled by direct love from the people. She’s created a new evolution, a new lifestyle and movement. a collection of songs and videos, photos and art – it’s about mystical, magical, joy, explosive freaking out beats with conscious yet hilarious lyrics. music to make you high, rip off your clothes, lead a peace rally or go nuts at the club. it’s raw, real, truth and contagiously fun. It’s the new evolution… featuring producers like the rural, who have produced the gorillaz and beyonce; shawn lee of the ping pong orchestra; newfound new york city stars 8thw1 and kalae all day; mighty mi (who produced their top chart smash “bad babysitter”); plus princess’ own inimitable production. enter into this magical world with the superstar and her entourage, always taking you on a journey! the live shows will be a multimedia extravaganza, making people blissed out wherever she lands. more than a record or a concert – it’s a happening- get on the bus!

▼DOUBLE DUCHESS▼: In 2010, Krylon and davO met and instantly began creating music originally inspired by their love for boys, being sassy, and the queer community in their new city of San Francisco. Krylon’s early years of
vogueing in NYC, dancing and traveling as a club kid, and his international performance art pieces, are all part of their live performances and visual presence. davO’s earlier years of fronting a live hip-hop/funk/punk band, mixed with his musical production, songwriting, and DJ experiences, creates the platform that captivates listeners, audiences, and dance floors alike.

Together they’ve been heating up the national queer scene since the release of their debut EP ‘Hey Girl!’ in March 2012. After their second video for ‘Bucket Betch’ was released, mountains of local buzz, followed by some national recognition, escalated their touring schedule. In early October they released an EP of remixes, and finished out the year in the studio, creating a more developed, semi-darker, heavily refined, but still raw new batch of material. Their newest single and video ‘Deviant’ introduces a glimpse of their new sound and look that
will keep the anticipations high for their new release scheduled for late fall of 2013. Until then, the boys will be popping up all over the US to rejuvenate your summer fun with their performances, ‘not to be missed.’

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Check our website:

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Check our upcoming events:

▼▼▼ ▼▼▼

PLAYHOUSE Saturdays ft. Mattilda Ho & Adam Dreaddy :: #CelebsPRIDE :: Celebrities –

atlantis celebrities

PlayHOUSE Saturday :: #CelebsPRIDE Edition


Mattilda Ho


Adam Dreaddy

1022 Davie St.
19+ only

Blueprint & Celebrities Nightclub’s latest clublife concept, PlayHOUSE SATURDAYS. The ultimate experience of music, entertainment and production.

A spectacular night full of house anthems and club hits. Let the music surround you with our FUNKTION-ONE sound system, as dancers charm you and the lights mesmerize you.

A night without borders.

Valid 19+ ID required, subject to capacity

VIP table requests:


Become a fan of Celebrities Nightclub:

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram:
@Celebrities_Van #CelebsPRIDE #CelebsXO

All information and tickets on

Rapture: HEATWAVE w/ ALYSSA EDWARDS | Nick Bertossi | Landon James | Brook Lynn Hytes

rapture heatwave

TFD Presents Rapture: HEATWAVE
the 5th annual PRIDE POOL PARTY 
with DJ’s Nick Bertossi & Landon James

Starring RPDR s5 breakout star Alyssa Edwards
also in her Vancouver debut Brooke Lynn Hytes
hosted by Raye Sunshine

Tickets available online at or in store at Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium

Noon – 6pm | Westin Grand Hotel | 433 Robson Street


For more information visit us at