Resilience and the will to survive, that’s what’s sexy this week!

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Resilience and the will to survive, that’s what’s sexy this week!

Covid-19 has gripped the world in a state of panic riddled with anxiety and fear. Many are overwhelmed with thoughts of desperation and despair with no way out. Many are lost in thoughts of what to do, how to do it, and is it the right thing to do?

I’m no stranger, and very guilty of all of the afore mentioned trying to formulate my own way out. I’m equally lost, but still find myself antsy to move on, and find my direction. A direction to be honest I don’t know what is.

I think a lot, and get lost in those thoughts of doom and gloom, with no way out. I’ve read and listened to a lot of close friends caught up in the relative conspiracy theories. Friends I believe got, and are getting lost in many of the contradictory stories of who did what, why, and how, with that proverbial no way out. However none of these theories I’ve read allude to or even hint at a rational a solution. And why? They are conspiracies, theories that make you truly think, and for me, not get lost in them.

My attempts to shake up my friends from these thoughts, friends who are glamoured, I feel are lost. I ask them “but, what are you doing?” “how are you dealing with this?”. Questions that I believe are meant to focus on the positive. Yet, the response is always confusion and radical, confused solutions.

What to do?

I always find myself stepping back and taking a deep breath, a drink when permitting and direct my thoughts to those of something creative.

It’s never easy, and I know that, but here in this hot bed of talent I call home, Vancouver, so many of my friends have figured it out. The resilience and will to survive, even if that means thinking outside of their box to adapt and survive.

We aren’t all creative in the traditional sense, yes I know that, but creativity comes in many forms. It’s all how you interpret! Creative in art, life, love, happiness, business, finance, health and wellness, sex, sexuality, basically lifestyle.

Everyone in my social circles do think about the world and what is coming next. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my friends and acquaintances to be rich in thought and life, and they are, if they weren’t, well you know where they’d be. Not in my life!

You may think what I’m writing here is shallow, vapid, worthless, but I assure it’s not! I’ve listened to the politicians and their bullshit, the WHO, medical professionals, law enforcement, and yes, I do have my own opinions. But….. I won’t share them here. Not the place!

We should be physically distanced, certainly not socially distanced, because as you read this we most certainly are socially close. I question who mis-coined that phrase…….words make all the difference.

Our resilient resourceful ways in keeping connected have proved that utilizing all social camera applications to bring us closer are creative.

We’ve been thinking how to do curb side delivery, to make sure folks are well stocked, creative. Making face masks, creative. Gardening on camera, creative. Sitting distanced apart, creative. Sure these are some simple goofy ides folks are doing, but they are doing it!

Photo sharing, art sharing, poem sharing, story sharing, fashion sharing, dance, design, performance, all being shared. Free online classes, tutorials, meetings, hello’s, its creative happenings!

Yes I’ve been holed up with my wine, vodka, and experimental cooking, thinking happy thoughts of everyone but I’ve also been working part time putting much love and care into baking waffles and cookies to keep folks fed with happy thoughts.

I’ve been doing my activism from my keyboard, keeping contact with my politicians and activists. I’m writing, doing reviews, designing, taking pics, painting, creating, strategizing, rethinking myself and what I plan to bring to you! Quite frankly I’m happy challenging myself doing so.

I’m even knitting and painting fairy houses, because, why not?

Times are changing, and I hope with a positive outlook and certainly reflection. When this is over, or calmed down enough that we feel we can overcome, I hope we don’t forget all the things we thought about that we can use to change the world for the better!

What are you doing?

Resilience and the will to survive through creativity, that’s what’s sexy this week!