Submissions / Requests / Bookings / Events / Promo / Ideas

This is the form I ask you to use when contacting me. Here you can submit, events, news, suggestions, requests, and ideas, whatever your fancy. I also take booking requests and letters of referral here. Keep in mind my requested details include name, date, time, and for events, a location.  If this doesn’t answer your question then don’t hesitate to ask. Even a polite hello I more than appreciate and I do answer each and every submission.

As I mentioned before, what woman doesn’t love a gift? Here is a list of places I like to shop at and if you feel so inclined to treat me I’ll personally make sure you see how much I love it! Just be sure to look at my Vital Stats so you get the sizing right. If you think you have something I might need or like, just ask, I won’t bite!

My vital stats are: Bust; 36FFF, Waist; 33, Hips; 40, Eyes; Green, Hair; Strawberry Blonde, Height: 185cm, Dress Size 14, XL (North American), Shoe Size 11 (North American), Shoe Size 42 (European)