Sex, Health, Beauty and Lifestyle, My Mantra

conveyance of a lifestyle of sex, health, beauty

Sex, health, beauty and lifestyle. I’m all about them, call me shameless, see if I care? Unbeknownst to me they’ve been my mantra for quite some time, I’ve just never consciously put words to it. Why even in my own “dazed confusions” I’ve branded myself around those four ideologies. Jokingly I’ve proclaimed of myself as having said many times “I was never deep”, but humour aside, and for those that know me, I’m deeper than the oceans blue. So……. let me tell you what I’m up to, and I’ll break it down under each of those four principles .


the lovely Lip Love 8 Mode Suction

In all my years of service provision as a pro domina I’ve had the pleasure, and displeasure, of handling a lot of sex toys. Let me tell you, there is a lot of crap out there. I just don’t know who these folks are that come up with some of that stuff. If it’s just to make money, they’ve certainly succeeded in duping the unsuspecting consumer. Hopefully I’ll be able to shed some light on that with the reviews I plan to continue on.

However it’s not just about sex toys, lubes, lotions and potions, with sex, there is so much more. Sexuality, sexual identity, preference, activities, growth and healing, all kinds of aspects, and my opinions and musings to share. I think you get my drift.


Some products from the extensive private label of Body Energy Club

Well I’m already well into that part of my life, not just the physical, but the mental as well. As I age, (mature as I again remind you I like to say) things are changing within me, and I have to learn to adapt. What worked last year, might not this year, so… I do my research and make  those revisions to my routines. I’m in a constant learning phase, switching up my supplements, my exercise regimen, my self care practices, making the necessary time for myself. 

That includes the one thing I’ve done for own sanity, and that’s stopped moving at a 100 km/h into a brick wall. Slowing down to truly take the time to smell those roses.


Home micro needling with AnteAGE

Yes, its no secret I’m getting older, we all are, but how you choose to approach your advancements in age is all up to you. I’m fighting it every step of the way, and using whatever it is that helps that battle. For me, that is aging gracefully, Cremes, lotions, potions, spa treatments, cosmetic procedures, doing whatever I want, trying what I want, but forever researching before diving in. 

Let’s not forget fashion! Those clothes you have on right now are part of fashion. I love a nice wardrobe, my ever expanding closet, that I burst out of all these yeas ago. Again call me shallow, I don’t care. The outerwear, underwear, lingerie, accessories, hosiery, shoes, the endless list……….


Do you like the finer things in life? I certainly do! Gadgets, gizmos, travel, wine, food, nature, activities both indoor and outdoor. Lifestyle, what you choose to live, and how. Self care with what ever floats your boat, living a positive enjoyable life with yourself and loved ones around you.

Where am I going with this? Well its’ been awhile since I posted anything new and I thought it would be nice to keep you up to date. Let you in on what I’ve been mulling over and strategizing for some time now. Think of it as a living diary, but mine, designed around my doctrine for healthy, happy living. 

I’ll be writing reviews, making videos, get to work on revisiting my podcast “Transister”. Let you in on more of my life and things I come across. All from my perspective, the perspective of an aging transsexual woman. There’s that word, like a dirty 50’s magazine. I love it! Making my way in the world, living life large, and loving it.

Enticingly Yours

Velvet Steele