Benefits Of Experimenting In The Bedroom

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If you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s normal to feel that after a while you have become stuck in a rut in the bedroom. This is common and easily fixed. There are many things that you can try to add a bit of spark back into your relationship and make things a little more exciting. Whether it’s trying new things together, like couples tantric massage in London, or experimenting with new toys or positions. Trying new things can have a positive impact on your life and your relationship. Here are a few benefits of experimenting in the bedroom. 

Get in touch with your sexuality

Trying new things is a great way to find out what you really like in the bedroom. If you’re not sure how to explore, talk to your partner and come up with new ideas or do some research. Is there’s something you’d like to try, now is the time! If you’re not trying new things, you won’t know what you truly want and desire in the bedroom. Experimenting helps you to determine your likes and dislikes, so you can improve your sex life for the better. 


Experimenting with your wants and needs means that you can achieve great sex every time, and because of this, your mood will improve. The more you experiment and the more fun in the bedroom you have, the more feel-good hormones are released, and you’ll be able to feel the benefits. When you know what your desires are in the bedroom, this can lead to feeling fulfilled and content with the overall experience, and releasing some happy hormones is a plus! 

Expand your horizons 

Experimenting in the bedroom means that you can try things that you’ve never done before. This helps to keep your relationship feeling fresh and exciting. If you don’t know where to start, discuss a few ideas that you and your partner think will be fun, keep it light-hearted, and make sure it is pleasurable for both. You can watch videos, try role-playing, or try different positions – the possibilities are endless, just make sure that your ideas are exciting for both of you. 

Improved self-esteem 

As you experiment with your partner sexually and begin to experience new forms of pleasure and excitement, you may begin to feel a new sense of self-confidence and increased self-esteem. Sharing new experiences in the bedroom with your partner will leave you feeling more desirable and wanted. It can help to bring the spark back between you and your partner, whilst increasing excitement and adding trust to your relationship. 

Strengthen the bond in your relationship 

There are studies that show couples that have more sex have a stronger and more stable relationship with their partners. When you’re experimenting in the bedroom, it is proven to bring you closer together. If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut or feeling like you need to inject some excitement back into your sex life, experimenting is a great way to do just that. Not only will you experience happiness and pleasure in the bedroom, but you’ll also create a strong relationship between you and your partner. 

Sex, Health, Beauty and Lifestyle, My Mantra

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Sex, health, beauty and lifestyle. I’m all about them, call me shameless, see if I care? Unbeknownst to me they’ve been my mantra for quite some time, I’ve just never consciously put words to it. Why even in my own “dazed confusions” I’ve branded myself around those four ideologies. Jokingly I’ve proclaimed of myself as having said many times “I was never deep”, but humour aside, and for those that know me, I’m deeper than the oceans blue. So……. let me tell you what I’m up to, and I’ll break it down under each of those four principles .


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In all my years of service provision as a pro domina I’ve had the pleasure, and displeasure, of handling a lot of sex toys. Let me tell you, there is a lot of crap out there. I just don’t know who these folks are that come up with some of that stuff. If it’s just to make money, they’ve certainly succeeded in duping the unsuspecting consumer. Hopefully I’ll be able to shed some light on that with the reviews I plan to continue on.

However it’s not just about sex toys, lubes, lotions and potions, with sex, there is so much more. Sexuality, sexual identity, preference, activities, growth and healing, all kinds of aspects, and my opinions and musings to share. I think you get my drift.