Sexy This Week: Sexy Underwear

sexy women's panties

We all wear them from a young age unless of course you had those free thinking, free wheeling parents that didn’t care and had you running around commando as a kid. Underwear, yes they have evolved over the centuries, and to the happy place I love being alive in, the 21st century! Worn for practical reasons, and we know what those reasons are, they are personal to each and every one of us.

However when reaching adolescence and having had a gander or two, or three at the latest and greatest fashion magazines of our sexy men's underweartimes, something gets turned on in most of us hot blooded animals, a little something called lust and desire. A lust and desire for the body that wears those sexy underthings, or to possibly be that body in those sexy underthings, sexy underwear, that’s what sexy this week.

They come in many colours, styles, soft and smooth fabrics, scientifically made to repel moisture and withstand heavy movement and rigorous activity, and most of all, designed with the unique shapes of all the different bodies and genders of the human race. Designed to accentuate, follow curves and bulges, draw the eye in and promote feelings of touch, or the desire to wear them.

Worn to show off a tight hot ass, slope downward over sculpted abs, or cradle a delicious bulge. Worn to attract attention and light a fire in the observer, a billboard advertising the wares. A billboard of reality, right at your fingertips, to touch and follow the designer lines over fleshy landscapes for personal explorations. Worn to feel good!

Don’t be shy, show them off, or catch a glimpse. They were made for you to wear, and made for you to look at, go on, open your eyes and study hard!