Wacky Wednesday: Tough Mutherfucker


So you think you are a tough mutherfucker ready to fight at a moments notice cause you da man? Well let men show you! These guys have it figured and serve up a healthy heaping of best self defence techniques I have ever seen. Even the most macho of men wouldn’t want to get in the ring with these dudes! No sir-ree and since it is Wacky Wednesday well they are wacky all right!

Gotta love em!!


Sexy This Week: Sexy Underwear

sexy women's panties

We all wear them from a young age unless of course you had those free thinking, free wheeling parents that didn’t care and had you running around commando as a kid. Underwear, yes they have evolved over the centuries, and to the happy place I love being alive in, the 21st century! Worn for practical reasons, and we know what those reasons are, they are personal to each and every one of us.

However when reaching adolescence and having had a gander or two, or three at the latest and greatest fashion magazines of our sexy men's underweartimes, something gets turned on in most of us hot blooded animals, a little something called lust and desire. A lust and desire for the body that wears those sexy underthings, or to possibly be that body in those sexy underthings, sexy underwear, that’s what sexy this week.


Tidbits; Men’s Underwear

stuart veal underwear

Tighty whiteys, boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, thongs and the mankini, although far from my favourite, are just a few of the names used for the different styles offered to the men when it comes to underwear. The guys for such a long time have had very little in the way of selection when it came to the coverings of their deliciously delectable meat and potatoes coveted by all. Women have had it good for far to long when it comes to their under things, and to see the offerings now being made to the men, is truly a breath of fresh air!

The first known “underwear” for men dated back almost 7000 years when prehistoric man used a “loincloth“, made of leather to cover the goods while running errands, which didn’t change for quite some time. The ancient Egyptians portrayed it a multitude of hieroglyphs and appeared to be wearing a kilt like covering, while  the Romans generally wore commando under their togas and battle gear. The loincloth was a staple well into the middle ages when the “codpiece” began to come into play. A pouch that was either worn over loose fitting breeches, or under, depending on the wearer, designed to keep everything in place with the ultimate goal of the presentation of virility to onlookers by enhancing proportions, that generally was an illusion, not unlike the padded bra of today.