Wacky Wednesday; Wash Your Mimsy


Feeling not so fresh, especially the women? Well this is what I found on my internet travels, and whenever I see something like this it makes me laugh my ass off! Mimsy cleansing!


Well ask yourself why no reference is made to a man soaping up his “Johnson, whittling the stick, polishing the pole, cleaning the cheese?” Well as popular culture would have you believe, only women have problems with freshness.

However, I beg to differ!

Case in point; I had a fetish client come to my door one time for a little slap and tickle of the CBT kind, and when it came time to grip his pole with my leather clad hand for a healthy round of gopher smacking, I wasn’t sure whether to puke, get the crackers

and cheese knife, or both! You can guess what I did, and it included both!

That smegma was major build up, weeks, possibly months, and for a man so well dressed and business like, that was not what I expected, AT ALL!

Being the good, clean, Domina I am, I promptly got to work cleaning that thing! This was no longer a session in CBT of the “percussive kind” but the “get the hot wet face cloth” and get to work scrubbing from tip to base. Pulling that skin back and SCRUBBING! Good thing he was tied down, as is the protocol for me, because he was bucking like a bronco, and from what I finally figured out, was not good bucking.

Totally the opposite, it hurt, and hell, there was no way I was going to have someone come see me with a filthy thing like that!

“Didn’t someone show you how to clean that thing, use some soap, wipe it clean?” I kept telling him.

“No one comes to me with it dirty like that, NO ONE!” I bellowed.

Harder I scrubbed, louder I talked, and 15 minutes later it was clean after a healthy lathering of soap, rubbing alcohol, and a blotting with the terry cloth towel.

Needless to say the session was also over. The 15 minutes of cleaning proved to be to much to carry on with the remaining 45 minutes of the session he had booked.

“Don’t you ever come back to see me with it like that ever again.” I kept reminding him.

He never did return, but I was happy in the knowledge that I got paid, and sent him home with healthy clean glow!