Sexy This Week; Tight Abs


We all want them, and for many at the gym on a regular basis, working them is all they do, and work them hard they do. The routines are varied, strenuous, time consuming, and take a great deal of time to produce results. Diet is also a key factor in reducing body fat and the layer that “lovingly” covers them. They also are the spot on the body where stress and emotions, also a play a key factor in keeping them flat and defined and fat free. Flat, tight, toned abdominals, that’s what sexy this week.

Abdominal muscles are not only sexy, but very functional, supporting the body, keeping the guts in place, and from the considered shallow aesthetic of which I am a supporter, seriously HOT! Creating defined abs is a serious challenge, and I am currently working on them myself. My own are tight, somewhat flat, except when I am bloated, and getting more and more defined as my time at the gym increases each time I am there. I work them hard, change out the exercises monthly, and include in my routine an element of exercise on them each day that I am there. It works for me, and my trainers.velvet-abdominals

My abs have always been my soft of my appearance, and as I progress in age in my life I am determined to get them to the point where I am truly happy with them. A process I have only truly been hard at for the year of 2014, as you can see in the photo at the right.

Hard abs that to the touch are like sculpted marble, marble that begs you to touch and caress. Abs that follow wondrous lines of a sexy journey down to the nether regions of the body. Lines traced by fingernails , or traversed by a hot wet tongue from an eager mouth. Abs that clench and relax when doing strenuous work, exercise, or deep penetrative thrusting.

womens-abdominalsAbs glistening and smooth, or abs dry and hairy adorned with a “treasure trail” that leads the eye, hands and mouth downward. Downward to the next part of the sexual journey, down past the belly button, over the pelvis down, down, down, down………..