Tidbits; Think Of The Children

kids looking down panties

Conversations around sex and sex work have always been a challenge, but especially so, when children are around. Folks seem so conflicted when it comes to any form of education, advocacy, images, representations or even depictions, implied or not. Now me as the eternal devil’s advocate I am always asking why, what’s this conflict, where does it come from? The reasons are endless, fortunately for me, I’m in social circles that have a very healthy outlook on sex, sex of any kind, or anything in general to do with it. We talk about, look at it, have it, express it, and of course educate the young around us. No we’re not having it front of them, or producing images, writings, or other as they’ll find it on their own, the curious always do, but those I know, definitely don’t shy away from it.

So, let’s think of children! Does that mean we should keep them forever sheltered about what is going in the world? The world of our physiological needs, biological needs? Needs for the most part that are beyond our control.

It’s alway struck me as odd and down right sad that folks hide or avoid topics on sex, for protection of those children. But protection of what? Anything that is variant from your own sex life, or heaven forbid better than your own sex life? Or does it have something to do with the queer issue for you, lifestyles that are different from yours? Lifestyles that are just as healthy, open and caring. Lifestyles that are continually fighting for human rights? Like the rights of sex workers, which are continually being denied, as is clearly evidenced by the introduction of Bill C-36, which the current Canadian, Harper Government has produced. A bill with a clear disregard for the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision striking down several elements of the current legislation as unconstitutional. Pivot Legal Society has the best breakdown here.

The Harper government’s answer is mind boggling, confusing, and a complete reversal of what is currently in effect because it takes the focus off the sex worker and now places in on the purchaser. They think that the provider will not be criminalized, only the purchaser, but how does that rule work? Wouldn’t the provider of said sexual services be an accessory to the crime of the purchase? They still can’t live off the earnings, and a multitude of other aspects of which I’ll leave up to you the reader to investigate, because I originally came here to THINK OF THE CHILDREN, and that, I will!

For those naive enough to think that the children aren’t, and don’t think of sex, or are at least curious, I have a few choice words, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES! The children are always thinking about it, asking questions, looking at pictures, snooping, joyfully playing with themselves without a care in the world. They play, they grow, they do what comes naturally, unless reprimanded otherwise into thinking that sex is somehow inherently bad. As far I am concerned there are ways of telling little Johnny to go upstairs to his room for a less than public display of his pelvic exploration in front of the guests.

I remember the days of my youth and the gang I hung out with, we all were inquisitive little buggers running around the neighbourhood playing tag, hide & seek, cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, doctor. You get my drift here, we were all playing “those” types of games, played with full fervour wanting to know what was in your pants versus my own!

The dolls, GI Joe and Barbie were at it all the time. Then it was Barbie and Barbie, Barbie and Midge, Joe and Joe, Joe and Midge having good morning time with wild abandon. Good morning time, the name my parents gave me after walking in on them with my brother as we were having an argument about my cousin. Yep the memories, but good memories!

My recommendation? Next time you decide to think of the children, think about yourself and what your youth was like, what did you get up to, have you moved on from it, healed from it, learned from, whatever you did. Give the children more credit than many are doing, they’re not as naive as you think.