Sexy This Week: Education

Knowledge is key, knowledge is power, and with it anyone can go anywhere with it while using it to their own advantage. For many it is a life long ambition the pursuit of knowledge, and for others they are content never setting foot in a classroom ever again basking in what some would call ignorance or just stubborn behaviour. Learning about your passions, or interests whether for pleasure of business, getting an education, that’s what sexy this week.

As youngsters we go to school usually not of our own choice, or so we think, as we would rather spend our days in play, play, and even more play. When we are older, more mature, we begin to develop our own interests and set in motion the actions necessary to facilitate the education of our own choices.

Filling our minds with beautiful knowledge, images to remember or conjure up, solutions to determine, questions to formulate, art to create. We work our bodies at the gym or to varying degrees in our daily activities, but in the words of the one of the greatest campaign slogans; “a mind is a terrible thing to waste!” (more…)

Tidbits; Think Of The Children

kids looking down panties

Conversations around sex and sex work have always been a challenge, but especially so, when children are around. Folks seem so conflicted when it comes to any form of education, advocacy, images, representations or even depictions, implied or not. Now me as the eternal devil’s advocate I am always asking why, what’s this conflict, where does it come from? The reasons are endless, fortunately for me, I’m in social circles that have a very healthy outlook on sex, sex of any kind, or anything in general to do with it. We talk about, look at it, have it, express it, and of course educate the young around us. No we’re not having it front of them, or producing images, writings, or other as they’ll find it on their own, the curious always do, but those I know, definitely don’t shy away from it.

So, let’s think of children! Does that mean we should keep them forever sheltered about what is going in the world? The world of our physiological needs, biological needs? Needs for the most part that are beyond our control. (more…)