Sexy This Week; Good Oral Hygiene


Aside from the hair on your head, one of the first things we notice about a person is their smile and the set of teeth to back that smile up. Bright pearly whites, and I stress pearly, cause real teeth aren’t white but more a beautiful pearlescent, clean teeth that are a good indicator of the rest of an individual’s personal hygiene. Oral hygiene in the form of clean healthy teeth and a lovely smelling breath, that’s WHAT”S SEXY THIS WEEK!

 It’s what we first notice when meeting those we know or someone for the first time, and let’s be honest about that. A smile is not just about attracting admiration from admiring eyes, but it lets people know a bit about you, how your are feeling, and whether or not you are worth a second glance.

 Pamela McClain, president of the American Academy of Periodontology says that, “when someone has a big smile, it shows they’re willing to open up and expose a part of themselves.” Smiling benefits your health, social perceptions, and romantic status. Although the smile isn’t the only factor of the face to give away details of a person’s emotions or deeper aspects, it is however one of the strongest features to do so outside of the eyes. We smile for many reasons, including anger, fear, embarrassment, confusion, deceit, but it’s the eyes that will give up even the best liar. Even the act of smiling has been proven to activate the happy feelings from the stimulation of those muscles used to smile.mans-beautiful-teeth

 Doctors of the mouth and teeth know that putting your best foot forward means with your mouth. Dentistry and orthodontics are a science akin to an art form that utilizes what nature gave you and in some cases enhances upon it. Dr Paul Newitt at Laser Dentistry uses precise measurements to feminize or masculinize a smile through the length of an individuals incisors. Techniques that can even transform otherwise flat lips into plump kissable pillows without a visit to the cosmetic surgeon. Keep in mind people are not textbook cases, but individuals, each with unique and distinct mouths that require personalized treatment of which I highly recommend if this is where you wish to go or feel you need to.

 On the flip side lack of care in the oral area is a complete turn off when care is neglected. That is however not to say that folks are lazy, they may not have gag-teethaccess to good oral care, because to be honest it is expensive and the one thing I cannot understand is why oral care is not included in good health coverage plans including the eyes! For those that do have good plans and access there is just no excuse for a sloven mouth! Do you really like looking at red or yellow stained teeth, food chunks stuck in between, or the lack thereof of teeth and NOT from fighting? Remember the yellow teeth commercial? I won’t even talk about
breath, just read my article on The Power of Oral Scents!

 So take your foot out of your mouth and put one of your best attributes forward and smile for me!