Tidbits; The Power of the Sensual Oral Scent

pink lips

I always found myself envious of the olfactory power of cats, dogs, and pretty much every animal other than homosapiens. The power to smell! It is such a powerful tool in the animal kingdom and for some reason we humans don’t quite have that ability. Sure we can utilize so many of our other senses, but when it gets right down to it , we love the smell of sex, sexuality, and desire! The before, the after, the heightened pheromones that get our drives going, but then we don’t really smell pheromones do we? They just activate our pleasure centres on a subconscious level and kick us into overdrive.

What I’m actually talking about is what we can truly smell through our noses on a conscious level. If your like me, you love the smells of people, and more so the smells that turn you on. Whether it’s bodily secretions or a dash of perfume, we find ourselves drawn in after a deep inhale getting an all encompassing feeling of what that person is all about. You all know I am not alone on this, so many of YOU are the same!

Ask yourself this;

How often do you inhale deeply to get a whiff of someone you find attractive walking by, standing close, or in the same room? I’ll hazard a guess and bet, each, and every time. We are just like the rest of the animal kingdom able to smell sex, fear, anger, lust, strength, weakness, only just not from great distances. Therein lies what I am envious of, with animal kingdom. Could you just imagine if you could truly smell from afar?

Well we can’t so let’s make good of use of what we can do and work it the other way, smells up close! I love a deep inhale from the wake left behind of someone walking by whether male of female. I don’t discriminate! The intoxicating smell or perfume wafting from a body always conjures up some illicit thought or vision that weaves a tale of sordid delight or creates a simple idea of wonder about what the owner of that aroma is all about, what’s their story.

Yes…. it’s not always about sex for me, low and behold. Dreaming up stories or creating thoughts from curious mental wanderings is what we, as humans, are all about. On the flip side, not every scent that comes our way is pleasing to that nose of yours. Depending on how sensitive you are it can literally burn the receptors of that nasal passage. Remember the caustic chemicals in the science lab, that is if you weren’t cutting class. Scents can work just the same.

My whole life I have had problems with my nose, from allergies, to colds, and a blocked nasal cavity. When I was a child I fell down the stairs and smashed my nose crushing it, causing some serious damage to my septum, almost completely blocking my passages. Combine all three and you can see how breathing for me was mostly through my mouth. Lets throw in some acid reflux for good measure and voila, even more fun! Fast forward and five surgeries later I now have the nose I have now. My reason for this share of information is that I became acutely aware of scents from folks, that included armpits, feet, hair, and oddly the mouth.

I am not sure when it was that I became cognizant of the oral scents, but what I can tell you i hot a brick in the faces I hard I found myself able to determine what a person had been up to that day. Not just what they ate, but what they did! If they went to work at a construction site, typed feverishly at a keyboard, hairstyled at the salon, or spent hours at the gym, even if they had sex! The smell of food was and still is a secondary thing, bad coffee breath is bad coffee breath, and we all suffer from that malady now and then. So yes, I can tell if you are feeling amorous, more like I can smell it!

And I am not the only one!

In many a conversation I have heard from those that share the same talent. The strange and beautiful quirk of getting close enough to smell that mouth and decipher a possible message. The need for passionate action! Action that includes pounding you like a bitch in heat, or for you to be dominant with orders to do your bidding. How about the feelings of the open invitation to grab that face with both hands and french kiss so deep and hard you suck that tongue right out of that face? Yeah baby you know what I mean, just think how difficult an interview can be when all you want to do is jump across that desk and create the next multi-million dollar video? It happens on many occasions, more than the average person wants to believe let alone admit.

Go on do it, turn them on with your mouth!