Sexy This Week; Arteries

Hand arteries

They bulge, pulse, pop, and spread far and wide. Veins and arteries are the highways of the body that distribute the blood where it needs to go. For those of you that don’t know, veins for the most part carry the deoxygenated blood back to the heart, while arteries for their part, carry the oxygenated blood away from the heart supplying the needs of the body with this vital nutrient rich, sexy red liquid. There is a reason they use “blood red” to make descriptions about colour choices in design!

Arteries, the muscular of the two, are mostly what we see situated closer to the surface of the skin that pulse in front of our very own eyes in an effort to keep up with the daily demands of the human body. Blood that keeps the muscles functioning at their optimal levels functions needed for maintaining strength, vitality, and endurance.

We see them on hands, feet, straining necks and if your lucky, catch a glimpse from under a pulled up shirt, in the groin area, travelling deep down into the crotch. They are designed to supply these areas with the body’s gasoline for a smooth fun filled ride. This is what’s sexy this week in Velvet’s world and so many of you!

The appearance of pulsing arteries is hot, all you have to do is look to those strong hands wrapping meaty fingers tightly around the handles of those weights, gripping, pumping, skin turning white from the tension. Ok so I watch a lot of folks working out and have a vivid imagination, but I need to get the point across to all you eager readers out there, and hell wouldn’t you if you were at the gym 6 days a week? Yes you would, and you know it!

neck arteries

How about the gentle curve of a slender neck with arteries pulsing against creamy white skin, evoking thoughts of the mind blowing orgasm you hope to give the owner of that neck? Most of my readers have seen enough vampire depictions in a wide array of genres to know what I am talking about. Thinking hickeys?

What about those strong hands with arteries so thick and bulging? Most of us find ourselves with an insatiable urge to lean in, pick one up and gently caress that artery with your tongue following it all the way to the fingertip’s end where you slowly open your mouth and slide that finger in and……..

Or the abdominal “sneak-a-peek” we all get while at the gym during one of those hard core bench presses of way to much weight we all see? The “sneak-a-peak”; when a shirt artfully rises without the wearer being aware, or so we like to think.

Those days at the beach are no different.  Sculpted abs are the muscled beds for thick juicy arteries traveling deep below the low cut “waistbands” of low slung bikinis, the barely hanging on beach shorts, or those European speedo briefs I am so happy to see making a presence here in North America.

ab arteriesI haven’t even begun to talk about the forearms. The jacked, well defined forearms with arteries that travel back up the arm, up to bulging biceps worthy of a squeeze, lick and nibble.

Kind of makes you want to run your finger along one of those pulsing flesh trails and see where it takes you, doesn’t it? Let them lead your eyes and imagination.