Review of the Lip Love 8 Mode Suction Pleasure Toy

silicone suction toy

Lip Love, a little hidden gem tucked away in a discrete little black box, another delightful surprise from the folks at

The Lip Love, from what the box says, is made in Berlin, Germany and meets all the European standards for physical, environmental and recycling requirements. Something I truly love and advocate for because again, some manufacturers in the sex toy industry, just don’t seem to give a damn what we put on or in our bodies. 

silicone suction toy

In this day and age, the advancement of these delicious works of art, have truly taken on a very life form catering to the diverse needs of every consumer. The Lip Love is no exception. Nestled inside the box in it’s foam holder is the vibrant pink beauty that resembles a seed pod from some exotic plant with what looks like an eye irrigation cup atop a silver collar on the on the opposite end. 

silicone suction toy

It’s sleek and sexy and cradles very comfortably in either hand with two control buttons that are easy to use, and decipher, facing towards the user or away from. One button for on/off and pause, the other to toggle through the 8 vibration and……….sucking modes. Yes that’s right sucking!  

This little baby is designed with vibration and suction in mind for those needing a little more stimulation than the average run of the mill vibration. Ok, so the vibration comes from the motor providing the suction. It’s all in the suction that the action takes place! Three straight up suction settings, low, medium, high, and a further five variable suction settings. 

pink silicone suction toy

It’s strong and intense, trust me I’ve tested it at great length, and absolutely love it. I will say that the strengths of suction may be a little too intense for the overly sensitive and suggest new users proceed with caution. However it won’t take long for the new, to become seasoned users, and I can assure you of that! 

Aside from the obvious suggestion in the name of the device, the Lip Love is not just for use on the nether regions of women, but has exciting applications for use on the nipples as well. Let’s not stop there, it’s wonderful for all genders. This little pink devil is also fabulous on all regions below the belt. I won’t go into detail here, because that’s another story all together, but I’m sure if your creative you can figure it out. 🙂 

It charges super easy. Just plug the charging pin into the base of Lip Love and the other end into a USB charger and let it sit until the indicator light stops blinking. Voila, time for some sucking! 

Water based in the recommended lubricant, however, I do get a chuckle when the instructions advise against using oil, gasoline, acetone and cream as lubes. I mean, come on!? Also advised is the use of lubricant around the suction lip for a better seal.

It’s easy to clean using mild soap and water, and is slated to be waterproof, although I don’t think they mean to bring into the bath or jacuzzi with you. The cup slides off the silver collar to reveal a screen to prevent debris getting into it, and easily slides back on.

It’s whisper quiet, obviously portable, and fun. The instructions are very detailed, going so far as to require you to make contact with the manufacturer if there is ever a problem.

Also in the box is the charging cable, and detailed instructions. Used for solo play, duo’s or more, the Lip Love is sure to get the juices flowing. Judge for yourself, and have a look here, sure not to disappoint.