Cleavage and Plunging Décolletage, That’s What’s Sexy This Week.


The sensuous line and curves the cleavage beholds of the plunging décollatage, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Wikipedia defines Cleavage as the exposed area between a woman’s breasts lying over the sternum, and refers only to what is visible with clothing (or dense, nontransparent body art) that includes a low-cut neckline, the décolletage. Yes, this a shameless ditty about the titty on display, because a little or a lot of objectification can go a long way.

The politically overcorrect usually don’t find my musings of Sexy this Week enlightening, because I certainly hear about it, that’s how I know. Ask me if I care? I don’t, because I’m busy looking at the cleavage of confident, secure women with their décolletage on proud display!

The phrase “tit’s up” according to urban dictionaries originally had a negative definition attached; dead mammals on their backs, tit’s up, a situation gone wrong. However I don’t think most of us have come to define it that way. Rather, a phrase of success!

Successful cleavage always catches the eyes of every beholder, it certainly gets my gaze! After the initial vision is enjoyed, I’m left taking in the total look from top to bottom, and back up again. The décolletage is sensual but above all commanding, and when worn well, I mean with confidence, the amplification is deafening.

Yes we all love the curves, the lines, the skin and comforting softness, maybe that’s what has everyone cautiously looking on, but the women wearing it also know the power a good cleavage can wield. Mothers, aunts, grandmas and a good friend, all know this. Most of us have had our heads and faces delicately smothered by a set of breasts in that nurturing comforting embrace. Hell even I find myself giving a good comforting smother to those in need. Feels good for both of us.

Psycho babble aside, and back to basic human instinct, it’s about the boobs! Women rival over a low neckline, drag queens shade and paint to perfection, and the men…..drool. Love em or leave em, I’m onboard. Tits up, guns out, shoulders back and heads held high……

In the words of author Judy Blume along with and some of my own non-shameless self presentations.

“We must, we must, we must increase our bust.”