Manga Dolls by Youtsuki, for Wild and Wondrous of Wacky Wednesday


Manga figures by Youtsuki are something to behold! We know I love my dolls especially when they are the ultra detailed fashionable type that Silkstone Barbie put’s out, or Marina Bychkova of Russia. To name a few.

However these dolls just quite literally came across my path during my travels in cyber space, and with no details about the artist/creator. Of course I had to dig, and dig deep, still coming up with virtually nothing except a book on WATTPAD that details each doll that’s been created, with a complete character profile. “Own Characters” by Youtsuki, it’s an interesting read, profiles that breathe new life into each and every one of them.

We know I love my fetish, and over on Flickr, Youtsuki has a detailed assortment on display for your eager eyes. From boudoir babes, what looks like the body of a stylized Vampirella, stylized french maids in varying poses, sexy nurses, and one of my own faves the office bitch, who could also pass for a college girl. Even the cute “rabit”. Most are labelled with numbers and symbols, but you’ll find their names listed in the book after some diligent cross checking.















Even I find myself breathing life into them as I scan the detail in the craftsmanship and posing of these figures, they are seriously sexy. In my creeping of Youtsuki’s profile, there looks to be a showroom of more of these if you peruse the photos on Flickr, in amongst the pictures of high end sports cars. These dolls don’t look small.

I wish I could find more details on this artist, but I didn’t. I did find a Youtsuki Twitter account the book and the flickr pages. How did I come across this artist you ask? Pinterest of all places while I was busy pinning my barbies onto their respective board.

I have to admit, Youtsuki is elusive, and maybe that is a food thing, another art this creator has mastered.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, I certainly do, and honestly wouldn’t mind one in my collection of dolls!