RIP: Gus Modeste for the Wild and Wondrous Side of Wacky Wednesday


Gus Modeste for the Wild and Wondrous Side of Wacky Wednesday is certainly an artist to behold.

I meet a lot of people in life and travels, some that are quite clearly characters in their own right, some full of hot air with egos just as full, and some, just super modest. Gus Modeste was just such a person and I’m not sure if his last name is a play on words, but I’m willing to run with it. We met on Instagram and I was intrigued ever since.

I didn’t now this, but after a little homework I learned that he is a very well known artist, not only for his detailed carving, but equally so in his talent and lust for painting. Gus-Modeste-3 His work is easily recognizable with his attention to every little detail, clean lines and ever stunning expressions in all of his carvings. Gus-Modeste-1 Whether traditional or contemporary, he was just as professional and passionate as a First Nations Master artist


Gus was a member of the Coast Salish First Nation originating from a small town on                                                                                                         Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada’s Pacific Northwest Coast. Gus-Modeste-4 As such, he made numerous references to creatures of the sea, in particular the Orca, and the life and spiritual aspects derived from it. Gus-Modeste-3aGus-Modeste-5







He writes; “The Native Symbol Orca or Killer Whales symbolizes family, romance, longevity, harmony, travel, community and protection. The Orca is said to protect those who travel away from home, and lead them back when the time comes. The Killer Whales live like Wolves and raise each child with care. Orcas will often stay their whole life with the same pod and travel in large groups of families working together to protect all members of their pod.”

How different is that from the human animal? Makes one think, doesn’t it?

His piece, Dead Within (feature picture) was carved from a block of red cedar off the beach that came in with the tide.

Gus-Modeste-6His pieces can be found in private collections world wide. He credit’s Francis Horne as his teacher, and Francis mentions; “he is a very gentle and friendly soul. just fun to be around!”

I could go on posting many pictures if his work, but why take the fun out of it when you can be taking a look yourself?Gus-Modeste-7 







Love it! Another of BC’s hot bed of talents!

Missed, but not forgotten.

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