Penis bleaching…..

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Penis bleaching….. Well here you have it folks the latest out of Thailand. Something else I came across in my travels through internet space I thought worth sharing.

Yes for quite some time anal bleaching has been favoured by many thinking that their lovable and or loved “bullet wound” is just not the right shade and have resorted to the use of lasers,  creams, lotions and potions to get that desired shade.

Vanity has taken many forms, and people go to great “lengths” to obtain that ideal, and I’m no stranger to going under the knife or laser. As a person who has experienced a great many treatments, I have to say there are some that are flat out snake oil concoctions and procedures that I reserve my right to have those opinions. Just ask me, I‘ll tell you what I think.

I’ll say though, its not like I haven’t contemplated trying a few bleach treatments on my coveted bullet wound, and have actually done so. Creams that burned, stunk, stung, and probably should have stuck with being a lubricant than a lightening agent. What were they thinking, let alone myself? Ouch!

Then there is the question of why not a man’s dick? That prized possession that seems to get so much attention its proudly shared all over the internet in unsolicited dick pics? LOL

To be honest, I think it was just a matter of time before surgeons began offering the treatment to those in need. Giving light to the sabre of love, I wonder if that’s what George Lucas had in mind? Focus Velvet, focus! I mean, I guess whatever floats your boat, I’m no one to judge, but a lovely article has come out on the subject by Joe Dziemianowicz for the folks over at NY Daily News.

He mentions all the details one needs to know before making the decision to lighten and brighten up.

Skeptic? I’ll let you be the judge

Image courtesy of PipeDream