Luscious Legwear, That’s What Sexy This Week


Luscious legwear in the form of stockings, stay-ups, or pantyhose. Legwear that comes in a multitude of colours, patterns, deniers, and sizes to adorn the appendages of women, and the men that dare. The final accessory to an outfit, to enhance, accentuate, cover and adorn, luscious legwear, that’s what sexy this week.

Leggings and legwear have been worn for ages, by the late great kings and queens, to the courtesans of Europe, the Giesha of Japan, and the stylish of today. Originally made of linen, cotton, wool or silk, they were worn for warmth, but as hemlines rose and legs were exposed, so to did demand. It wasn’t until 1939 when DuPont introduced nylon, an affordable, durable, sheer alternative was born. It wasn’t until 1959 that the pantyhose made their debut and rivalled that of stockings, soon to surpass sales as the new alternative.

Rising even higher hemlines made sure pantyhose stayed on top of sales causing a sharp decline in the sales of stockings, where it has remained to this day, sales only rivalled by the advent of stay-ups.

With our history lesson over and so many choices to make, one thing is clear, whichever you choose to wear, they are sexy! Stockings, and stay-ups associated with (or without) the use of garters, lace, high fashion, appliqué are simply alluring. The visual tease of the thigh, a hint of nothing else underneath said to be more sexually appealing than pantyhose. Alluring to say the least.sexy_this_week_Luscious_legwear_2

Pantyhose without the use of a garter, wear smooth and taut over a nice juicy ass! Lines and designs that follow the leg downward to painted toes, new styles that are toeless for the fashionably addicted that come in stockings, pantyhose, and socks. Textures worth the gaze and caress and colours to match every outfit, mood, or occasion. Styles of every kind; seam up the back, cuban heel, fishnet, full fashioned, seamless, opaque, or transparent just to name a few. More can be read here at Wikipedia.

So what’s stopping you from gliding a sexy bit of hosiery up your leg to adorn, and feel sexy, powerful, and look hot?

With this, I introduce you to my new venture of in home sales of high end hosiery without breaking your bank or wallet. I come to you, show you the wares in stock, or  you order from a catalogue, and voila, you have sexy leg wear from, Girdleliscious Gam Wrappers! 

Message me, I’ll get you kitted up!