Soft Silky Bed-Sheets for Sexy This week


Soft silky bed sheets draped across a bed, and wrapped around a mattress. Fabrics that come in a multitude of colours and patterns, fibres and thread counts. Sheets to enmesh a nude body for a bit of cooling on a sensuous summer’s eve or warmth for a cold winter’s night. Alone or accompanied, sheets that comfort and soothe a weary body, a tired mind, or a napping babe. Bed sheets that cocoon and protect for watching a good movie or curl up in with a good book. Soft silky bed sheets, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Coming from a Danish family, in our household we were brought up with feather duvets to lay on and get covered over with, down filled pillows, and high percale sheets. I didn’t know those details at the time because I was kid, and quite frankly, to busy to care, because that’s what kids do, eat, sleep, and play, and I was no exception.

When the time came for me to buy my first set of sheets, I went cheap, and what a mistake that was. They pilled, they balled, they were rough and scratchy, tore super easy, and in the Toronto mid-summer heat, they were hot as hell. Never again was I to make that mistake.

I love a good night’s sleep or a much needed nap to refresh and recharge my batteries and what better accompaniments then soft silky sheets?

I usually sleep in the nude, but from time to time in my one of my vintage lingerie sets, and I love the feel of good fabrics against my bare skin, or satin covered butt. It’s cozy, comforting, and soothing, and Like everyone else, I have many more reasons for loving them.

Now I’m not suggesting that a person spend outrageous amounts of money to get good sheets, they can be stupidly expensive. There’s no need to break your bank account, but buy cheap, and you’ll most likely regret it. I choose to find a happy mid range, one that I can afford, from bed linens that meet my needs, and last for some time without the need to replace them.


I won’t go on painting a picture as it truly is worth a thousand words, but truly there’s nothing like quality bedding. The soft silky feel, the sensuality, the comfort, a good night’s rest. Go out and indulge, you’ll thank yourself for it.

But don’t take my words for it.