Photographer Rick Legal


Photographer Rick Legal is man talented behind the lens! I’ve worked with a lot of photographers, some good, some not so good, and some great! I’ve decided I’m going to start in


troducing you to them, and for me there is no time like the present to show you some of my greats. From the “Wild and Wondrous” side of Wacky Wednesday, I give  you, Rick Legal.


I’ve stood in front of his camera many times, and I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by what he sees through the lens of his camera, and what he is able to capture. Described as “shy” and “bold” by Yukiko Onley in an article from 2011in the Vancouver Observer , I can honestly say he is both, and more!

He may start off as shy when getting to know him, however it soon becomes clear he knows what he wants and is eager to get it! He is truly one of the few photographers that chooses to capture shots in black and white, producing edgy, sexy, and compelling images that can also border on dark.  His choice of models are strong and raw, not afraid to bare it all, in striking poses that command the viewers attention.


His landscapes capture timeless and seriously picturesque visions that seem to go on forever, and with the combination of a model, well lets just say the image is brought to a new level of intrigue, and harmonious bend between the model and the setting. WW 49 Photographer Rick Legal_tumblr_oz2kcohLeR1qaz9xpo1_1280

A recent study he produced, involved playing around with the soft colourization of his shots evoking the sensuality of a Playboy presentation from the magazine’s early years. There is most definitely a certain sensuality in what he captures that is absolutely not submissive. The models are in control, and his keen eye is able to capture that control through the lens of his camera.


Agreed, some of his work is unexpected, and he has a lot to see, so obviusly I can’t share it all here, and I think you get my point. Truthfully what would you expect from a “shy” man originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that is truthfully not. As an artist, provocation is clearly what he has a firm grasp on and I’m happy to see him here in Vancouver, BC.





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