FingerNails, Long and Luscious, with Holiday Colours Worth Getting from CND Review


My finger nails are something I always have! It’s just one element that goes into being me!

Long luscious fingernails that I feel finish and compliment my hands. Something I know a lot of other women feel the same way, just as they do about their hair. For me its all about the total ook from top to bottom.

Yes I’m high maintenance, but it’s maintenance I look after no one else. I choose it, so I work on it! Starting from my health from the inside out, eat right, trips to the gym, my hair, make-up, clothes and the finer things. 

Again my fingernails are no exception to that rule, and I’ve added them to my schedule of monthly maintenance! It’s a treat I give to myself and I’m very appreciative of that fact, to be able to treat myself to some of these finer things in life I covet. I work hard, and some would say I play hard. Meh! 

I’m also very appreciative when I get invited to attend new and or improved product release events, and I do my best to inform everyone what they are all about! The latest and greatest of such is the newest by #cnd for their #cndglacialillusion a line of glittery soft pastel colours with a new and improved formula for the release of their holiday colours and the exciting polish up-keep line for longer lasting wear if you don’t have gels or acrylics. These new items are offered in gel application and regular polish. I chose the gel application of “alpine plum”  to go along with acrylics. Applied at the @prepbeautyparlour an acrylic free salon, that has some lovely interiors to seriously relax in, mine was applied by the lovely @nailsbyhaya

This turned out be a great morning and love the glass finish! 



Happy  upcoming Holidaze everyone!!! 💋🖤🖤