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For me internet communication and networking is always “dicey” and for a multitude of reasons, particularly if you are a woman, and look a certain way. Like me, most people are always waiting and hoping for that one great deal or opportunity to come their way through the networking they do. Going to great lengths to keeping many profiles on sites most of us haven’t even heard of. Over the years I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt, so I don’t expect much.

The multitude of carefully constructed and crafted sites that allow you to showcase your talents to prospective clients that are looking for your particular skill set. Along with your written details, these sites also provide you with the option to put your best foot forward for all to see; your profile picture.

This is the spot to shine and grab attention, to keep your photo and written details cohesive for a professional presentation that will have you being taken seriously. Enough so, that those who are making serious enquiries will take the time to read your info and truly absorb what your skills and credentials are all about.

As simple as this may sound for those of us that get it and understand what professional means, there are those that don’t and provide profile pics that just don’t quite meld. I’ll dispense with the specifics on this detail, but I am sure you can understand the confusion about reading a resume for a doctor while viewing a pic of a twerking ass in Mexico as the profile picture. No?

Let’s say you do have all the elements in place for a picture perfect presentation; a punchy picture, a stand out resume, and qualifications up the wha zoo, and finally, an enquiry. However it doesn’t take long to realize that clearly someone hasn’t read anything from your profile and resume, instead asking; How are you?  What do you do? Where are you from? How’s your day? Can I ask you a question? Then my favourite, hey baby!

First of all, I’m not your baby, second I’m here for networking opportunities, not social dating or other. Thirdly, ARE YOU AN IDIOT? I don’t candy coat any more and I’m usually pretty clear in what I put out there, where, and what I am offering or looking for. An adult lifetime of professional domination has taught me that skill. For those that don’t know, I’m specific, clear and concise and very direct.

It amazes me what folks think or will try, and looking solely at my picture without reading the written portion doesn’t win brownie points with me. It actually pisses me off, and beyond that, it’s a serious waste of my time answering questions that could have been answered reading my info.tibbits-inernet-communication-networking-nude-websurfing

To alleviate any further time wasted I created a generic reply that usually weeds out the nonsense enquiries that come to me trough my profiles. It has come to be very useful template for me. It’s blunt, direct, and means business and in this day and age, I for one can never be to sure, nor stand to have precious time wasted!

You may ask yourself, why would I bother to respond, but when you get as many dumb assed enquiries as I do, the need to want to reply comes up, not the want. At times I am cheeky in my replies, at other times I’m clearly flustered and upset and respond accordingly, and yes, based on my mood.

As an example, I’m going to share a modification too my template I sent to a query that came to me through my LinkedIn profile.

Hi there, thanks for the taking the time to enquire with me.

What specifically are you looking for here??

I hope you read my profile in it’s entirety, and if not suggest you do.

To begin, I am not here for sex, sex with you, or any other person, and yes I’ve had the “surgery”.

If you wish to consult with me about business opportunities, great, if not, and you wish to ask me questions of a personal nature, then go to my website for all those details further.

If consulting with me about me about my personal life is what you want to do, again I have my website for that, if it is specific details you wish to know, I charge $300 an hour for consulting, payable at 50% in advance to secure appropriate times and dates to consult.

Consulting, which does not include sitting topless, or nude on camera, nor does it involve any sex acts.

If you wish to proceed in a professional manner great, lets arrange that, if not, look to my website for those details about my life and where to follow me further on social media.

If you already haven’t looked on my profile, here on LinkedIn to see those location details, I can be found at;

As I said before, I customize each and every query that requires my special brand of loving reply.

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