Oak&Chain Jewellery of Vienna Austria, for This Week’s Wacky Wednesday


Back to the wild and wondrous of Wacky Wednesday, Oak&Chain, a humble, two person operation based in beautiful Vienna Austria, offers one of a kind jewelry using mostly copper, combining this warm, rich metal with crystals, skulls, bones, and most recently antique coins.wacky-wednesday-oak-and-chain-Solid-Copper-And-Amethyst-Talisman-And-Chain







In a process known as copperforming; electroplating copper onto nearly any object. It is a truly modern alchemy with beautiful results the eternally goth would be proud to covet. Oak&Chain utilizes this process to clad all manner of bones and skulls in beautiful copper, creating talismans, rings, pendants, and one of a kind settings for their crystal jewelry, regularly creating custom works for their supporters.

wacky-wednesday-WHISPER-Copperformed-Sparrow-Skull-EarringsEvery single bone and crystal that goes into their work is hand selected. With it comes an assurance that any piece, has a distinct spiritual meaning to it’s creator and while that meaning may remain with the hand that forged it, the wearer will hopefully find their own personal spiritual meaning associated with their new piece!

A more recent offering is an assortment of jewelry made from old European and Soviet coins, some dating back to the time of the the great composer, Mozart. Something co-founder Ian is very fond of, having collected coins in his childhood years, Vienna the home of Mozart, makes it easy to find all manner of old and interesting coins.

Inspiration drawn from their love of nature, their esoteric, witchy beliefs, Oak&Chain will always be firmly rooted in the pagan realm of magic and charms, and continue to create pieces that recall the time of old Goddesses and Gods, when the earth was new, not yet ravaged by human kind.

Founders Ian, his lovely wife and muse Nila, opened up their Etsy shop a couple years ago when what started as a hobby quickly began to fill their home. Ian’s full time work in Mozart’s beloved city by day is as an electrician, and by night he retreats into his little apartment workshop to work on his latest creations.

Oak&Chain ships worldwide with most of their supporters based in North America. While this is a part time venture, Oak&Chain assures orders are shipped out in no more than two working days and ALWAYS includes a tracking number for your piece of mind!wacky-wednesday-oak-and-chain-Solid-Copper-Pagan-Rosary-Bracelet

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