Beautifully Manicured Sexy Nails for Sexy This Week



Beautifully manicured sexy nails, that’s what sexy this week. Many of us remember being told  “don’t bite your nails” which doesn’t stop some folks from gnawing away, while others take great care to file, buff, extend and polish the horn-like envelope that cover the tips of fingers and toes. Beautifully, painstakingly painted, and well cared for to finish off the fingers and toes, beautifully manicured nails, that is what’s sexy this week.



For millennia, well manicured nails have been much coveted, a status symbol of days gone by that have attracted the attention of all sexes. Young or old are drawn to looking at the finishes that adorn the tips. Bright shiny, or matte colours, patterns, nail art and little sculptures, even jewelled adornment now add to the allure of a finished nail.

Finished nails that further refine the hand, slenderizing and elongating chubby fingers or help give the illusion of smoothing out bony and wrinkly knuckles. Shapes of all kinds to match a genre or particular look. Pointed daggers, or soft almond, rounded or tapered square, long, short, any length for the desires of the wearers.

stw-beautifully-manicured-sexy-nails-white-black-polka-dotsNatural nail, acrylic, acrylic with tip, gel or gel overlay, to name a few. The choices are endless to match limitless personalities, long luscious nails to grip a glass, caress a face or scratch a back. Long luscious nails in a tight firm grip……………