Sexy this Week: Goals


We all want a positive outcome to everything we do in our lives, no matter what that is. For me and those in my life, be they acquaintances or my close personal friends, those results are of the happy, life affirming kind. The challenges we set for ourselves as human beings in getting from point A to B putting us through it. Without the fear, excitement, and the need, or want to make a change, most will never get there. Making a plan and committing to it, to get to that end point, GOALS, that’s what sexy this week.

In younger years we set them without actually knowing what they are. We go to school, take up sports, get involved in the arts, or take up hobbies, things or actions done because they are for the most part fun. We weren’t actually thinking about what that meant to take on interests and work to a purpose.

I speak for myself, but I am very sure many can relate to what I write here, that most of what I did, I took for granted without a care in the world of an anticipated result. I did it and that was it! It wasn’t until I was in my later years, after school and finding myself, a process which helped me to learn the true meaning of goals, to actually be mature enough to understand the soul gratification of what it meant to set a goal and work towards it. To envision it, and accomplish it.stw_goals_bikini

As life progresses for me, I’ve learned from the mistakes of my past and I work towards a better and brighter future for myself, and those around me. I constantly set new goals thereby challenging myself each and everyday. I’m thrilled by this, it keeps me motivated, strong, and passionate.

Why not do it and take a leap of faith? Set a goal and get about making some positive, serious changes, or maybe a subtle few. Get out of your comfort zone and just do it, feel the excitement of doing so, even better, the elation of getting there!

Keep your eyes on the prize and do it for yourself! I still have long way to go.