Wacky Wednesday: Sexy French Farmers Calendar

Sexy French Farmers

Here’s another one for Wacky Wild and Wonderful Wednesdays although day late, well a few months late, so spank me! I don’t care, it’s my website and I’ll do what I want to!


I love objectifying men! Hell why not? We are always getting it crammed down down our throats how women and all those on the gender spectrum are being objectified, but why not MORE of the men?

To make a point I’m objectified, but I’ve commodified myself and I’m happy with that and do not need someone else telling me how misguided I am for doing so! We hear it all over the place, the fashion world, beauty competitions, body building, athletics, and the list goes You know what I say to that and sorry for being so blunt? FUCK YOU and the cart you rode in on, and take your attacking passive aggressive insecurities else where, they have NO place here.

Tastefully done I am inspired and moved by it, a far cry from the ubiquitous presentation that most stereotypical gay male porn presents us with.

I want to see more of it, and I’m going to do something about it! Just watch me 🙂

In the meantime why not support our farmers? Ok, so these guys are from France, but who cares? Let’s objectify them, support them, and love them.

Vive le France!!