Tidbits: Internet Predators

internet predator

Internet Predators, they are everywhere you turn on the super high way of information we all use now, the world wide web.

They are manipulative, coercive, and down right dangerous. They start off as appearing to be nice, getting to know you, asking all the right questions, leading you on to the point of you thinking they are genuinely interested in what you have to say and offer in the professional world, even in your private world of just being a friend. That doesn’t last long once they have gained your trust and begin to reveal who they really are.

They quickly start to ask strange questions, ask personal things, and then begin to demand and threaten when they don’t get what they want. Sexual control and manipulation is usually what they are after, sure it may start off with a few pictures and some light dialogue, but those pictures and chat begin to take on a different presentation at the control of these predators. I am not just talking about pictures, but videos, video that are usually being made without your knowledge or consent. Let’s remind ourselves that the user on the other end at their computer can take screen shots in ANY program, and record videos in ANY program and do whatever they want with them. Folks sorry to tell you, Snapchat is not free from that either.

Their victims are not the stereotypical insecure woman, or young girl the media would have you believe, they are also men and boys, smart, intellectual individuals from all over the planet, from all walks of life, of any age.

I am no spring chicken, new to all of this, but I certainly know how to read, and call them out when they come my way, and trust me I’ve had my fair share of experiences. It doesn’t surprise me, but rather truly saddens me that this kind of behaviour takes place. That this kind of behaviour happens from all types of people to, from people with the same kinds of backgrounds as their victims.

What is it that makes people do this? What are people thinking? I have a list of what I can call them, and what I think they are thinking, but I’ll leave that up you as to what that list might include. KUDO’S to my readers and followers because I KNOW that each and every one of you have colourful minds of your own to paint that picture. I know friends who have had the same experiences, both personal, with a member of their family, friends and acquaintances.

Why am I writing about this? Well let’s just say a recent experience with an individual on my fave networking site for business, LinkedIn has produced a lovely piece of shit that has now taken to calling me a “scheiss hure” that’s “shit whore” for those who don’t know German. This piece of shit, the kind that gets stuck to the bottom of your running shoes, that easily washes off but lingers a little, because your brain has been conditioned to believe it still is there. You know the one!Against_Cyberbullying

He originally wrote to ask about my personal style and that he wanted to see it on live camera. I enquired if he was from a fashion house, a designer or other, as I could not see this in his resume or CV. He told me it was for his own personal viewing pleasure.

RED FLAGS! I then replied that I ask for a consulting fee to do such things as I am busy person, as can be seen on my LinkedIn page of all my activism on sexual health, sex worker rights, and trans rights with politicians, universities, law enforcement, that is clearly presented. Seems this gift wrapped “scheiss” clearly couldn’t see that I am no idiot with a very busy schedule. After another message to me telling me I was basically rude and thinking he was not legitimate I proceeded to inform him that any professional will pay for consulting services for fashion, better yet these people who dictate fashion usually get it from the street. I also told him from other messages he sent, that his replies where that of a coercive manipulative predator and that he was dangerous and should be reported to the proper authorities. Lets just say that his abuse has not stopped. Funny how when one of these douchebags get called out they freak right the fuck out!

A few words of advice? If you recognize or feel threatened, manipulated, humiliated, coerced, or asked anything you wold not normally do, don’t hesitate to call them out and report it. I’m a big girl and can handle this shit, but for some it may not be so easy!cyber bullying

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