Sexy This Week: Difference

Teddy and Velvet

Stupid, idiot, asshole, phobic, moronic, obtuse, shallow, unintellectual, witless, all other words used to describe the word ignorant. A word I much rather prefer to use because it so blatantly, and quite simply says it in one word, IGNORANT! Unfortunately there are a lot of people on the planet that are just that, nothing more, nothing less, just ignorant. Ignorant of those in society that are different from themselves, different, a quality that should be celebrated, coveted, cherished and adored, difference, and that’s what’s sexy this week.

Life isn’t easy for those that are different, trust me I know, I’m faced with adversity each and every day of my life. For the most part I am fairly resilient and can shrug it off, but when someone is in your face with words that cut deeper than a knife, that then leads to actions of a negative kind, it’s hard to turn and walk

For me as a woman who just so happens to be transsexual, I love that I am different, and I never thought I would. I was always trying to blend in with the crowd and fade away. However, it didn’t take me long to understand that being out, loud, and proud, was, and is where it’s at!

I love people of all cultures, ethnicities, colours, beliefs. People with bright hair colours, crazy fun cuts, tattoos, piercings, fun fashions. Short, tall, big or small, young or old, it matters not to me, what matters to me is celebrating the differences. It makes life beautiful, exciting, and fun.

I’ll never understand those who are mean, or pick on others for some sick kind of enjoyment, that truly only makes them look like the creeps they are. The people in my life live and let live, and love and let love, they celebrate everything, and everyone, they ARE NOT THOSE CREEPY KINDS of people.

In BedIt’s easy to be mean and hate, just as it is to be ignorant, and I ask why is it so hard for some to be happy and love? It shouldn’t be that way, people should be happy and love unconditionally, they should appreciate, they should celebrate, and they should nurture the difference in us all.
It should just come naturally.

Don’t you think?