Wacky Wednesday: ERIC STANTON Blast From The Past


I LOVE art, and I am sure that’s no big surprise to most of you out there, who know me well, and those who don’t. I am very influenced but the provocation, the beauty, the colours, and the strength each artist is trying to convey.

One of my favourite blasts from the past is none other than Eric Stanton, Sept. 30/1926—March 17/1999 considered one oferic-stanton-baroness America’s best bondage and fetish illustrators, cartoonist, and comic-book artist, with the majority of his work depicting female dominance scenarios.

His work was rendered mostly in pencil, and coloured ink, and in rich vivid colour, and seriously thought provoking. You can find info on him all over the place so I won’t bore you a lengthy write up about him. If you’re a collector you can still buy his books which, in today’s eric-stanton-book-covermarket, fluctuate wildly when it comes to prices.

He’s worked with some of the best comic book illustrators, and magazines around, but not to be confused with Bill Ward who worked for Playboy. Both excellent artists unrivalled in my opinion. I would say that both of these artists have been a GREAT influence on me to an extreme degree!eric-stanton-mistress

He was a very naughty, dirty boy, even going so far as to draw women with penises in his  Princkazons” which women around the world grew oversized female penises, or “princks”. These women also grew taller and stronger than men and began dominating and humiliating the men in public, including facesitting, urophagia, coprophagia and anal and oral rape.”

A dirty dirty boy! but………

I’ll let you be the judge!