Sexy This Week: High Heels


Most women can never have a enough of them, and just when you think they do, another masterful piece of art catches the eye of an admirer out for a stroll on the high street of shopping in any cosmopolitan city. The endless designs, the bright shiny colours, the fabrics, the skins, the buckles, laces, zippers, and snaps, and oh the heels. Those talons reaching ever higher, killer spikes, barely able to balance on, the high heels, and that’s what’s sexy this week.little girl in high heels

From a young age, the unbeknownst connoisseur already has a seed that’s been deeply planted into the subconscious mind, it may just be genetics, rooted over time deep within your DNA. Young girls long to run around in Mommy’s shoes dressed as the perfect princess, even the boys are want to try them on!

ballet extreme shoesSlipping your foot into a deathly arched cradle brings forth feelings one never thought existed before, feelings of power, control, sexuality, and desire. Wearing sky high heels forces that foot into a ridiculous contortion, one that is very similar to the pointed toe of a ballet dancer, only not as extreme. Then there’s the pointed, flexed foot of an earth shattering orgasm. The foot does some wonderful things in the throes of ecstasy, and wearing high heels mimics that reaction.

But that’s not all, they make a pair of legs look great, they finish off the total look of neatly a pressed skirt suit. How about dress pants, hot shorts, dresses, lingerie, and nudity? They are a staple in the wardrobes of the fashionably addicted that are making last minute choices before heading out to work, for an afternoon, evening on the town, or a romp around the bedroom.christina-aguilera-shoe-closet1

The styles are endless, with the designers at war with one another knocking off the other’s latest and greatest design passionately sought after by the masses. High heels make a statement, and they finish off looks of power, they are seductive, sexy, and a very welcome addition to any closet.

Go ahead slip a pair on, feel your foot bend and told into that shape, watch your calf flex, your thigh tense, your ass protrude, your legs………..

spikes being licked