Wacky Wednesday: PLUSH by Marilyn Minter; Some Pubic Consumption

MM pubes

I love presentations of female sexuality, created and presented by women. It has a very distinct and different feel than the art produced by their male counterparts in the art world. Less objectified, if we can say that, although I am not opposed to a some objectification now and then.MarilynMinter_Brooch

Marilyn Minter is just such a woman.

To say her work is unique is an understatement, she has worked with photo, video, and paintings producing work with lush vivid colours evoking emotive desire around the female form and beauty in all it’s shapes and sizes. Her work spans over three decades.

She is innovative, and seriously creative making statements that entice the viewer to ride that emotional roller coaster. Some of her most thought provoking work includes lipstick and pearls/jewels, high heels, and as of late, pubic hair in her book PLUSH, that is grown out that she paid the models to let grow. It’s sexy, hot, and yes deemed controversial by many, but if your a purveyor of sex and sexuality in all its forms like me, I am sure you can appreciate its full value.


Feel free to peruse her website I’m sure you’ll find it moist enjoyable.

Marilyn Minter