Wacky Wednesday: Bonnie Rotton Mega Masturbator


Misogynistic at it’s best! Feature this lovely one that leaves me wondering who the hell comes up with these designs? Ok I get the idea of masturbators, and the crazy array of designs out there, which for the most part I find seriously fun, and humorous, but like I’ve said before many leave me scratching my head in disbelief trying not to formulate an opinion. This one, I have to say, is seriously fucked! I don’t know how else to describe it.bonnie rotton

Here is how Sexcitable describes this lovely piece of work;

“ Just thinking of your hard cock inside of me makes me wanna squirt all over the place! Fuck me in my ass first, then stick it right in my pussy and pound me hard! I love it when you squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples, it drives me crazy! I am always in the mood to fuck and I never say no to a stiff cock! When you are ready to cum, squeeze my waist, and watch me squirt all over your cock! XOXOXO Bonnie Rotten.

You have always dreamed of doing a little hottie like Bonnie, so what are you waiting for? Take this busty beauty out of the box, get out the free lube, and pound this curvy cutie `til you fuck her silly! This mega masturbator is the most realistic Rotten replica you ever fucked and with over 12 pounds of soft, Fanta Flesh engulfing and massaging your cock, this plush piece of pussy feels better than the real thing! Squeeze and pinch her big, 36D tits, then slide your cock between those massive mammaries and titty her all night. Spread her cheeks, ram her tight little ass, and fill her with every inch of your man meat! She`s warm, she is tight, and she never says no!

bonnie rotton2Squeeze the right side of her waist and watch Bonnie squirt like a fountain! Fill the medical-style pump bulb with warm water or your favourite fluid, it into the large hole on the backside of the masturbator, and you`re ready for water sports! Enjoy every inch of Bonnie in all her gushing gory!When you`re done, blow a load deep inside her or cum all over her stomach and tits.

Cleanup is a snap either way with toy cleaner and warm water. Best of all, Bonnie tucks away under the bed or in the closet for easy storage after the fun. No commitments, no bullshit, and no worries about knocking her up. It is an all access, any time piece of pussy and ass made for your cock! Give her a test drive tonight and find out what it feels like to Be Rotten!”

The creators have truly taken this to a new level! Just cut off the head, legs and arms, and voila a mini Venus De Mylo complete with tattoos and, it squirts! Not to mention the healthy price tag of $535.39, now what connoisseur wouldn’t want one? (I am being sarcastic here)

I could go on about what I think of the creators, and those who buy something like this, but I won’t, and just keep on scratching my head in disbelief!


Not so much