Wacky Wednesday: Dolls By The Popovy Sisters


Wacky Wednesday isn’t just about things wacky in the world of sex, sexuality, and sextoys, it’s also about the wild and wonderful in the art world of things sexy and erotic, and have I got one for you!popovy-lingerie-01

The Popovy sisters of Perm, Russia are award winning creators of dolls that would put Barbie and her world of plastic overindulgence to shame. Twin sisters that are fashion designers and artists took up doll making in 2004, part of an interest in human form that grew to include small collections of 10-14 dolls in each. The dolls are painstakingly hand crafted and sold to buyers around the world.

Their attention to detail is astounding, right down to the doll’s facial expressions, features, poses, and even the female genitalia. The women produce one collection a year and revel in the reactions the audience members produce at their gallery openings.



“These tiny creations are literally a labor of love and the sister’s claim that there’s a huge amount of preparative work that goes into each doll. First, the idea is born and from there they develop a concept and a story line. Because each doll is made for a specific collection, the story is an essential part of the art. Without it, the dolls just become inanimate figurines. It’s the whole package from the history, to nature, to the textures, to the costumes, to the overall movement and tone—every single detail is worked out even before any dolls are constructed.


Once the storyline or plot of the collection is finally developed, the hard, and yet, fun part begins. The sisters do not reveal too much about how these dolls are constructed, but there is some porcelain pieces, as well as, Japanese paper process that is included to create the body of each figure. The dolls were not posable until 2012, when collectors began asking for articulating versions.


According to the sisters, “Each doll tells a story and has her own form of expression. We dress them in the boldest of high-fashion designs and inject a thematic narrative by sculpting their expressions.” From start to finish, and by the looks of it, a ton of love goes into every thing. For instance, the lacing on the ballet shoes are finished with the finest decorative embellishments, which gives each figurine a sensual and textural aura. An added bonus, is that each doll has her own little hand painted butterfly somewhere on her body.”


I’ve only shown you a small sampling her of what they have on their website and blog, and I highly suggest you hop on over to check it out, you’ll begad you did!