Sexy This Week: Fantasies

Little Bo Peep

We all have them whether a person cares to admit it or not, and yes I am talking of the sexual kind. However of the non-sexual kind of which we also have, we’re always sharing those thoughts at every opportunity, but the sexual taboo has most folks tight-lipped about their fantasies for fear of being perceived as deviant. Fantasies, that’s what’s sexy this week.

For most of us with thoughts of your sexual partner all dressed up as a cop acting out the latest big arrest of the century onsexy cop yourself, it’s a sexual turn on. The reasons why we have fantasies are as greatly varied as there are people on the planet. It’s subject matter that has been studied to death and you’ll find that all the research conducted comes to very different conclusions, and as it should, as we are all different.

One would ask why should it matter, well curiosity for one, as I to have found myself wondering about the origins of a person’s particular fantasy and how it came to manifest itself. I also grew to understand that cosplaythe reasons why didn’t really matter, for me it became just one of those meaningless questions.

Fantasies are hot, they are sexy, and as long as you are bringing it to life and not hurting anyone, then why not? Live it and enjoy!

Dr. Susan Block explains it perfectly with her article “The 6 Most Common Secret Sexual Fantasies – And What they Mean.” An insightful read that covers pretty much all of it, making you think and feel good with yourself about the possibility of having had the feelings of deviancy because of particular desire you may have.

SO what are you waiting for, go get that uniform on and get down to some serious role-play, or some fun Plushie action, plushiesor otherworldly Cosplay? We all know that when it comes to fantasies your only limitations is your own creativity.