Sexy This Week: Eye Contact

stw blue eyes

It’s not hard to understand why we as human beings are so frustrated with today’s society of go go go at 100/kmh into a brick wall. We are slowly being programmed into believing we have to go faster and faster to get things done, things we don’t even remember or at many times know why we even are doing them!

Bad-phone-serviceTo top it all off, everything is slowly becoming automated making the need for human beings to do the work obsolete! More people with less jobs to do because of automation. How does that work? Take for instance recorded messages, press 1 for complaints, press 2 for grief, press 3 for just because we want to piss you off, press 4 to blow up this recording! Not hard to understand why most press 0 to bypass it all to get to a “real” person.

Along with this we are losing our ability to properly communicate with people when we are not on the phone, out in the actual world doing things, things like living. When we are communicating it is in the form of short quick vocal bursts with no eye contact being made, always or usually looking off into space or down at the ground. Why? Who knows, my suggestion is to look up, face whoever it is and look into those eyes. Making eye contact, that’s what’s sexy this week.

stw blue mans eyeThe eyes are the window to the soul of any living creature, and just because that creature isn’t the same as us doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a soul. Eyes reveal so much emotion and beauty, whether they can see or not, they are beautiful portals to look deep within and better understand a beautiful creature behind them.

stw green eyeI don’t know about you but when I am talking to someone I like to look into the eyes of whoever it is am talking with, see that person for real, even if they are a stranger, a friend,family member, lover, or an unconditionally loving animal. I feel trust, I can sense deceit, see sadness, and feel pain. I love the connection I have through the eyes, and I believe we all love that.

stw amber eyeWe are not just looking at beautiful blues, gorgeous greens, brilliant browns, awesome ambers, vivid violets, we are looking at so much more.stw brown eye

Lift your head, look into those eyes in front of you and show some attention and acknowledgement, you are looking at so much more.

Yes, you are looking at the person.