Tidbits: Velvet Writes, Shopping (a light sample of erotica)

pearls shoes

Gracefully sliding my hand across the glass cabinet, looking for yet another pearl necklace, my memories made me smile as I remembered the perfect one I found last time. Or was it the excellent customer service that also brought on my smile?

That’s right the customer service. I wonder if he is working today?

Daydreaming away I noticed the young sales man staring at me. Not quite embarrassed, I asked the him where the woman’s washroom was. He didn’t give directions, simply said, “just follow me”. His voice was soothing yet strong, and as I looked him over and nodded my head I slowly began to follow. I prefer a man who has little to say and gives me what I want. His voice was just like the salesman at my new favourite shoe store. Now there is man who knows how to put the “S” in Service.

It was only a week ago that I was trying on some sexy stilettos at this little boutique across town.

There he was sitting on a small stool in front of me. Sitting lower than myself he smiled peering up at me while I sat back letting him fit the shoes to my feet.

Trying on selections, one after the other, a variety of classic stilettos, each in no less than 4 inch heel heights made of gorgeous Italian leather. I was impressed to find such a selection of sophisticated designs tucked away in this little gem of a store. It is hard to find this level of quality here, the last time I saw shoes this stunning were on my travels to Europe.

My black satin skirt was short and tight, and it always liked to ride up with each shift of my hips as I crossed and uncrossed my legs, checking to make sure I liked the angle and look of the shoe before rising to see them in the mirror. I knew that the crossing of my legs exposed my black lace panties, offering a short quick glimpse. I of course pretended not to notice the watchful gaze from the man in front of me. A small reward for his excellent care and tending.

cross leggedWith the slow and calculated movement of my thigh muscles, my legs parted ever so slightly wider then before. Not enough for a full view but just enough to reveal what was hidden only a short distance away from those prying eyes, only a few feet away.

His cheeks were beginning to flush with heat as his gaze locked onto the beautiful snug lace covering my lips. I knew he wanted to be closer to the soft and silky fabric that lay across my soft lips, beneath that short…tight… skirt.

In his excitement while doing his job he began to gently fondle my feet hoping that I wouldn’t notice. I carefully watched his glances quickening. First to my feet, then between my legs, then my breast, and back to my feet. His arousal was sending a wave of male pheromones, making me wet.

I decided to reward him a little more, this time my legs parted further, just enough to see a path down at him. None to my surprise I could see his slowly growing mass pressing against crisp, clean, dress pants. On his crotch, a small wet stain, of which I could only imagine it’s origin getting larger as my legs gaped a little more. The mass that revealed the outline of his now hard throbbing member, clearly leaving nothing to the imagination.

He glanced at me again and asked “would you mind if we went back to the store room so we can get a proper fit, I don’t seem to have the proper size out here?”

“The store room, but why, isn’t that an odd place for me to try on shoes?” I teased. Knowing exactly what fit he was looking for,

I gave it a thought and gently declined the offer. I watched as he rather uncomfortably rose, and very awkwardly disappeared through a back door. After what seemed a rather long time, he returned with another box of shoes. After another session of “trying on” I finally got that perfect fit, and the shoes I wanted.Shoe fur

At that moment I had finished using the rest room and opened the door to find the jewelry salesman standing in my path with a smile, a smile that was as if he could almost see the visions that unfolded in my mind seconds before. He then stepped closer, looking straight into my eyes and asked, “Are you looking for another pearl necklace?”

I was already blushing as I looked back into his eyes and replied in a commandingly seductive tone.”
“Show me your best!”

His reply was a simple
“Just follow me.”

I must say, I love the jewelry store as much as I love the shoe store.


(with an edit by; Jade Olivia Braddock)