Sexy This Week: Praise From A Stranger


There you are walking down the street minding your own business, when suddenly a complete stranger says to you,

“I just wanted to tell you, that you look really nice!”

Catching you completely off guard!

What do you do, ignore it, keep on going, politely smile, or nothing at all? I’ll tell you, you stop and politely acknowledge the praise from a stranger that has been graciously presented your way, and praise from a stranger is what’s sexy this week.

Provided it is praise that is not with an ulterior motive of which is pretty damned easy to determine if your not an idiot, or praise which may be and warranted or wanted, it’s still praise that should be warmly and most graciously accepted!

Yes I’ve been on a rant about human kindness as of late, but it all comes with good intentions. All one has to do is look around oneself, read the news, or watch television to see the amount of folks aimlessly moving about from one location to the next clouded over with melancholy feelings of undetermined origins.

As humans being we have lost a great deal of our ability to communicate face to face, hiding behind text messaging, pre-recorded video, and captioned photos for the world to see. It’s as though we all want that attention, but yet in person, most are putting out there that they are strong and silent preferring solitude.

This is where I am calling BULLSHIT!

People are social!

Stop hiding behind social media, your facades, your insecurities and get out there and love life! Heap some praise on a stranger, say hello, smile, acknowledge those around you. It feels good to give it, and it definitely feels good to get it.

Trust me a little praise with a smile, coming or going, brightens everyone’s day!