Tidbits: Comfortable In My Own Skin


Am I comfortable in my own skin?

Recently I was asked if I thought I shared to much of myself through all this social media we are all glued at our finger tips to. My answer was a quick and abrupt NO!

Let me tell you why If you’re at all interested in reading to find out.

For the most part I would say that 80% of my journey up until this point has been traversed alone. A road that is sometimes straight and narrow, wide and winding, but for the most part, steep and treacherous. Challenges abound around every corner, out of sight, having left me with no tools or resources to face those challenges, except head on. I’ve learned a lot with this type of approach, but there really was no other way to deal with the challenges I did not see coming. I thought life for the most part would be easy, or at least somewhat along this road, and how wrong I was!

I would be lying if I said it hasn’t made me stronger, oh no, it has, and very strong, and it’s a strength that I have been able to share with others to help them along their own paths, help for others that’s made me proud. As a result, I am reminded of that daily, that I’ve come to represent so much, of strength and courage, life and happiness, to love and acceptance, continually nurturing as I go along.

With the world we live in nowadays, social media has become a strong tool for many of us to validate ourselves in a positive way that couldn’t be done before. We have the control, and options to present ourselves in ways that makes us happy, and for me, validates who I am, what I am, and how I am. I will continue to use social media how I see fit for myself, to share my happiness, my sadness, my anger, and my love! I will also definitely use it to continue to empower others that come across my path whether I know it or not.

However consider yourselves warned, all of you that are close to me, you may just find yourself accompanying me in a picture out there on some social platform, and you all know who you are. Why, because I am proud and honoured to have all you as my family, friends, and loves in my life, you validate me, and that makes me feel warm and loved!

Pictures I take myself or with my closest photographers, brilliant photographers, not only creatively, but emotionally, all with the gift to know me as a person, a person like anyone else. Photographers that are comfortable, compassionate, and brave enough to capture the real me, whether I am polished or raw without all the studio lighting, heavy make-up and hair, or the mild to wild me striking a demure pose or cracking that whip. Thanks Dolls!!

But…..like everyone else, underneath it all I am human to, I eat, sleep, breathe, and bleed, and I also cry! I have my moments and sometimes they feel like they are out weighing the good with the bad, and it’s during these times that sometimes all I need is a friend. Someone to listen to me, comfort me, and reassure me when times are feeling tough with my road a washed out mudslide.

On the surface, and for the most part beneath it, I’ve become comfortable in my own skin, but I work on it each and everyday. No one said life was ever easy, trust me it’s not, I know first hand. Let’s remind ourselves I could, or we all could, be somewhere else in this world where we are not so fortunate so I appreciate what I do and have, even when it feels that things are just way to hard beyond my grasp.

What does the future hold? I honestly don’t know I always have projects on the go. Projects that involve my body, my life, my loves and my interests. Will they come to life? I can’t answer that. I only hope so, and that my endeavours will continue to inspire others on their own journeys.

So here I am comfortable in my own skin posting yet again on social media in all my raw glory!!!