Sexy This Week: Accepting Compliments


I’ve never been good at accepting praise, and maybe because for a period of time I never truly believed in myself, but always in others. Something I am reluctant to admit, I still do! However from time to time I am gently, and sometimes not so gently reminded to take a compliment or accept the praise given to me by those close to me, and even those that have come across my path for a short time.

One thing I do know, is that I am not alone when it comes to brushing off a compliment, or hiding in the shadows when a little praise is passed my way. You know who I am talking about, YOU! There are many of you out there that do the same, and trust me when I say there have been many times when I told someone to shut up and take the compliment! Taking a compliment, that’s whats sexy this week!

Again I was reminded about the power of voice, and in particular mine, when I met up with an old friend from my earlier fetish days here Vancouver when I was hosting Body Perve’s Presentation of Fetish Night some 20 years ago. Yes, that’s right, 20 years ago!

From those nights I have learned that I inspired and influenced hundreds of folks, not kidding, and to be honest I love to do just that, inspire and influence.However, I also love to be inspired and influenced just the same by all the beautiful people in my life and as I mentioned previous all those that come across my path for a fleeting moment.

Anyway here is what that friend she wrote;

June 20/15

“Listen: I understand that the world heaps compliments/flattery/praise on you every single day. But instead of blowing disingenuous smoke up your ass, I would like to share with you some casual observations from one person to another:

Wicked people are my favorite people 😈. I have always loved hanging out with you, you’re too much fun.

But today I also saw a beautiful softness that complimented the wicked side and it added yet another layer of complexity to your persona. It’s lovely.

I also wanted to mention that I noticed that ur looks seem to get people to stop and pay attention to you, but it’s your voice that keeps them there. You mentioned youre doing advocacy work? I hope you’re doing lots of it. Seriously.

A heavy power and influence lie in that voice. When you factor in your life experiences, critical thinking ability AND that streak of ‘AAA’ Bitch we all know and love; you’re going to be unstoppable.

I’m sure you’ve already figured this out but I’ll repeat it anyway- it’s pretty much your calling.

People listen to you- you should work the fuck outta that. Go forth and tear that shit up, woman! It’s what you were put on this godforsaken planet to do.

I wrote it late last night, so it’s maybe somewhat schmaltzier than I’d normally be, but the sentiment is sincere.

your spirit is shining brighter than ever.

HELLLLLL, I’ll even come and help!! it’ll be fun. I’m all about empowerin’ the exploited and fightin’ for the underdog. I can be the foxy secretary-type: I’ve got pretty decent MS office skills and look cute in a tight skirt

June 21/15

I wrote it late last night, so it’s maybe somewhat schmaltzier than I’d normally be, but the sentiment is sincere.

your spirit is shining brighter than ever.”

So remember, all our spirits should shine bright, and if they aren’t, make it happen! Only you have the power to make that decision!

As I embark on a new path in my life I do know that there are those out there that I will be needing the help, support, and guidance from to walk along that new path, and one thing is for sure, I won’t be scared to take the praise, accept the help,  or ask for it! 

Shine bright everyone!!!