Wacky Wednesday: Religious Rights

Jesus Dildo

So you want to take your religious right to the next level and really, truly, have the lord in you? Well the folks at Divine Interventions have just what you are looking for. From the Jackhammer Jesus to the Bible Thumper, and my favourite, the Grim Reaper. Made of what they claim is the highest quality silicone, their lovely items come in a multitude of colours for what strikes your mood, and particular desire.

BibleFrontMedSo can you truly feel guilty when indulging in a bit of tawdry sin? You can’t, because the lord, or Buddha is right there to forgive and forget your carnal lust and desires. Why they even have a ReaperSteelMedlovely little prayer to go with each toy while you worship the love gods.

Have a look, you’ll be sure to worship!

Le Petit Mort, won’t be so little anymore!