Wacky Wednesday: Sexperiment/ Men Draw The Ideal Vagina


Ok I have to admit, I love vagina as well, and sure as shit I’ve seen a lot of them, given where I work, and my own explorative personal life. However, let me tell you, there is none that look alike, unless of course the cosmetic surgeon down the way is offering a two for one deal on labial revisions, and even then they don’t look alike.

The folks over at Liberator, one of my favourite adult novelty shops, found this fun little ditty from LolPervs on Youtube, of course I immediately had to hop on over and subscribe to their channel!

I think the next time they should have the women draw what it looks like to them, I bet that would be pretty interesting!

Get out the popcorn!

Originally posted April 29/2015

“For most men, the vagina has always been a thing of allure and mystery. This is why a youtube video channel LOLPervs conducted Sexperiment #13 and asked a series of well-intended men to describe and illustrate their version of the ideal vagina. Their response—priceless.”