Tidbits: Election Erections, Company Has Made Blow-up Versions of Party Leaders


We here in Canada are in an election year, and my oh my some of us want to stick really stick it to some of them, in more ways than one! Well thankfully a company out of the UK has come up with the answer by producing blow up dolls of their favourite politicians. Since it is the UK we may be a little “behind” in getting up on it, because as well know Europe is always mach further ahead when it comes to well, EVERYTHING!!

Hopefully we wont be to far a foot. As this is something more akin to WACKY WEDNESDAY I though I would share it here since it seems more relevant to the political climate in my lovely country of Canada.

I mean, can’t you just imagine sticking it to our current PM? make him gag on it, or better yet give the doll a good reaming!

You be the judge!

first appeared on;

PINK NEWS April 23?15

Sex-toy company Bondara.co.uk has created a new range of blow up dolls in the likenesses of political party leaders ahead of next month’s “general erection”.


David “Cum-er-on”

According to Bondara, voters in the UK “won’t have to wait till May the 7th to ‘get behind’ your political favourite.”

The dolls, named “Conservative Cum-er-on”, “Gimme Head Ed”, “Liberal Nick”, “Nigel Phhwwaooorage” and “Naughty Natalie”.

The “Naughty Natalie” doll

Bondara does not appear to provide dolls in the likeness of other party leaders such as SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon (Surgin’ Sturgeon) and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood (Leanne ‘Givesme’ Wood..?). We tried.

Bondara has also created an alternative broadcast featuring the dolls, which is available to watch below.

Nigel “Phhwwaooorage” – a good likeness?

A release for the dolls reads: “If voting for ‘Liberal Nick’ gets you in the mood and you can’t wait for the results of the kinky poll, you can treat yourself to a themed sex toy in the meantime. Maybe you fancy a ‘Well Hung Parliament’ toy or a ‘Party Whip’?”

Chris Simms, MD of Bondara.co.uk commented: “We love to take topics that everyone is talking about and give them a bit of a naughty twist, so what better way to do this than to poke a bit of fun at what some describe as the ‘political pantomime’.

“British politicians may not be the most natural sex symbols, but at the end of the day power is sexy, and who doesn’t want to poke holes in the policies of an inflatable Nigel Farage”














The David “Cum-er-on” doll

Watch the party political broadcast from Bondara below”