Sexy This Week: Bodies In Motion


The human body is an amazing machine that for the most part, many take for granted without a thought or a care as to how it works and the great care it takes to keep it running at optimal performance. We eat, sleep, and breathe, the basics, to keep our bodies running smoothly, but each of those three basics are much more complex than the oblivious and ignorant care to take the time to learn about. Learning about how your body works, and the process to maintain it’s mobility and optimal functioning, that’s whats sexy the week.

Yes I have been making some serious changes in my life, changes for what I believe is the better. I was, and am no angel, and for those of you that don’t know I spent a lot of my teenage years smoking and partying all in an effort to fit in and be cool; peer pressure, it’s nasty. As I gained more confidence, I learned that I would never truly fit in to what was construed as the “norm” let alone know what the “norm” is truly defined as.

To be honest all those I have the blessing and honour of having in my life have never fit in to what is the “norm” but are individuals that are forging their own paths as strong, confident individuals, NOT bowing into peer pressure.

Making positive changes is a good thing, and for me, I want to learn more about my body and how it truly works and what I need to do to make it work properly, efficiently, and heal itself. In doing so, I have been coming across a lot of folks that are questioning that ever growing desire to learn about the human machine, as though it’s a bad thing. All this because it’s not a part of the “norm,” but because I am strong and confident forging my own path, I will not bow into peer pressure.running

I want to know about what I need to eat, how much, what I can and cannot. How a good night’s sleep allows the body to rest and heal itself. How breathing supplies the much needed oxygen to keep those cells that make up the human body alive. How each process works in sync with the other to keep this body in motion. No, it’s not that simple, it’s very complex as I have learned when figuring out what I call “nutritional mathematics 101” to be able to gain muscle, lose fat, develop my body without compromising one process for the other.

I love watching bodies in motion, it intrigues me, it excites me, it amazes me. Those without a disability should consider themselves grateful, I do, and the oblivious and ignorant should get their heads out of their asses to take great care to learn about the human body.

Keep it in motion, moving, working smoothly, its hot, its sexy, very sexy!